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Publications Archive

Neighborhood Secretly Learns Sign Language to Surprise Deaf Man in Istanbul
Author/Publisher: Jenny Zhang / My Modern Met

For the hearing impaired, it's often difficult to overcome communication barriers with people who don't know sign language.

Author/Publisher: Egyptian Streets

He’s 21 and he’s cycling across Egypt to explore the country’s less famous lands in Egypt on his two wheels.

The son of a fancier looks over the ledge of a coop in Manshiyat Nasr.
Author/Publisher: Amanda Mustard / Mashable

CAIRO—Perched stories above the streets of a city burdened by economic, political and social struggle, some men in Cairo tend to an ancient hobby for an escape.

Muslims attend Friday prayers on a rainy first day of Ramadan in East London [Reuters]
Author/Publisher: Simon Hooper / Al Jazeera

While official UK figures show a decline in hate crime generally, anti-Muslim abuse appears to be bucking that trend.

Rabbi Herschel Gluck is a veteran international conflict mediator and the founder of the Muslim-Jewish Forum [Simon Hooper/Al Jazeera]
Author/Publisher: Simon Hooper / Al Jazeera

As religious tensions escalate in Europe, Muslims and Jews in North London band together to negate hate.