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Al-Feneeq Theatre group

National Network: 
Gaza Strip
00972 8 2555 090
Mobile Phone: 
0599 409 546
Mobile Phone (other): 
0599 309 721
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

1- Structure of the organization:
• General association and its content 25 member
• Administration department it content 7 member :-chef-deputy chef-secretary-cashier-manager of cultural affairs and media-manager of production and arts affairs
2- Budgetary resources annually : self funding and member fees subscription ( 15$ per member)
3- Sources of funding : not available at the moment
4- Al feneeg group now heading the projects related and cultural exchanges and searching
5- Main partners : not available

Mission and Objectives: 

• Continues looking for developments the art and theaters which leads to developed our poor in theatre section.
• Taking care of our Palestinian heritage especially Arabic and human heritage to insure our Palestinian and Arabic identification.
• Put in focus the varies cases in our daily life's and show it to the orients
• Assist and develop the child theatre and school theatre and university theatre which lead to develop the education operations and discover the reaction talents.
• Working in activating the Palestinian women part to take their part in our community.
• Making searches and theatre studies to expand the knowledge and realization to our orients
• Teaching and exercising the talents in theatre
• Creating drama to put the democracy in our civil community

Main Projects / Activities: 

1. Producing dramatic works for adults and youths and children's.
2. Preparation searching and studies relating to arts and heritage.
3. Establishing specials courses for training and qualifying the talents and deferent's aspects in arts and theaters like acting, directing tech arts, theaters administration domains, and act.
4. Establishing lectures.
5. Exchanging cultural and civilizations conversations and religions peace.
6. Establishing courses especially cultural kids and growing and educations.