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Al-Marsa for Culture and Creativity - المرسى للثقافة والابداع

National Network: 
Palestine - Gaza Strip
Gaza - port
860 Gaza
Palestinian Territory
Telephone (other): 
Mobile Phone: 
Mobile Phone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

A non-governmental center seeks to achieve sustainable community development and the provision of services in the areas of training and rehabilitation, and contribute to building and strengthening the capacities of Bending associations, organizations and institutions in the fields of administrative and financial management and Altnncit and communication and documentation with the publication of research
 Center is an independent civic organization concerned with childhood and youth issues. It aims to contribute to the cultural and educational development and improving the capacities of frameworks and to build and strengthen their abilities in all aspects of the ongoing Balttnumeih and experimentation and rehabilitation, research and studies in accordance with the participatory approach.
 instill the idea of ​​volunteering, where is the volunteer leadership a key tributary of the development and formation of the individual and the community where the center is seeking to meet their basic needs through the establishment of projects Awaldorat, workshops and conferences and improve the level of theoretical and applied for the sustainable development of the society and in coordination with the agencies responsible for the sector Youth, and between individuals and institutions of civil society.
Cultural center is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, it seeks to contribute to the development of the community through participation and influence in decision-making and capacity building of trainers and educators closer cooperation and coordination with the public and private sectors and interested organizations

Mission and Objectives: 

Center values
  Professional values: community development: transparency, initiative, learning, creativity, development and continuous improvement, teamwork, objectivity, responsibility.
Moral values: belonging, commitment, integrity, credibility, sincerity, tolerance, respect for human rights principles, equality
Strategic objectives of the center
Training and qualification
Work on raising the efficiency of the center
Strengthening and capacity building of
Consolidation of core values and dedication
Contributing to sustainable development and improving the level of the beneficiary
Updating and developing programs and curricula exercises
And strengthened partnerships with public and private institutions

Main Projects / Activities: 

Workshop in collaboration with the Women's Affairs Center titled "Women's right to inheritance

Course in human development and capacity development
Marketing Course
Course in market needs
Writing management reports
Participation in the activities of the eighth of March
Stay where I am campaign
Course instructors in the preparation of psychological support "stigma and psychological effects."
A course in how to be a leading
To participate in the training course and educate social activist
The Center to participate Nakba Day march in which all factions participated Soldier Square to the UN body
The Center has hosted a number of sheltered family and extending help to them by a benefactor (of them - to him)
Centre's participation in a workshop on how to prepare the sociology of reformers
The center job Symposium emptying myself for children through animation
Participation in the opening of creativity will exhibit at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture
Workshop in collaboration with the Women's Affairs Center titled "Women's right to inheritance
Trainers prepare for animation
Post World Day of the Palestinian heritage
Post Festival "support the maximum."
Human development cycle
Liberation cycle press
Course management and automatization offices
Support myself course in cooperation with Aisha Foundation for Women and Children for ten days region of the North "Beit Hanoun".