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Al-Ola society for development and community development

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Non-Governmental Organization
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First: The General Assembly
Article 15
Assembly, composed of all staff members as soon accept membership in the charity and Lavoie financial obligations imposed on them in accordance with the statute and in the deadlines set by the Board of Directors.
Article 16
Call the General Assembly of the meeting: -
1 - General Assembly being held at its headquarters as it may be held in any other place specified in the invitation attached agenda once every year at least.
2 - Assembly is being held at the invitation written for each of its members who have the right to attend shows where the meeting place and time and the agenda and that ten days before the date.
3 - Call the General Assembly to meet ordinary and extraordinary at the request of: -
(A) an absolute majority of the members of the Board of Directors.
(B) one-third of the members of the Assembly at least.
4 - If you do not let the General Assembly meeting under paragraphs (a) and (b) clause (3) of Article (16) The Minister may invite them to a meeting or to appoint the calling of the meeting.
Article 17
Board of Directors shall determine the date, place and agenda of the General Assembly Ordinary and Extraordinary.
Article 18
Assembly consider at its regular meeting the following things without having to mentioned in the invitation for the meeting, namely: -
1 - Report of the Board of Directors on the activities of the charity and approval.
2 - the financial report of the Board of Directors and approval.
3 - Report of Auditor for the charity's financial center and approval.
4 - Appointment of an auditor.
5 - Election of a new Board of Directors.
6 - Any other business related to the Assembly and activity overall responsibility for formulating policies and directives of the charity.
Article 19
Consider Assembly in its extraordinary meeting of the following:
Amend the statute to the charitable organization.
Isolate members of the Governing Council and the withdrawal of confidence from them.
Solution of the charity and how to act with their own money and assets.
Union charity or integrated with associations / bodies.
Article 20
1 - Do not open the AGM did not attend the absolute majority (50% +1) to its members if such happens quorum at the opening of the meeting the Assembly may continue its deliberations and decision-making and fewer attendees.
2 - If you do not get a quorum mentioned within half an hour from the time specified in the call regarded the meeting postponed for 15 days at the same time and place without the need for a new call, and in this meeting deferred may present consideration and decision-making whatever their number, provided that not less than one-third of Charitable Society.
Article 21
Presides over meetings of the General Assembly Chairman or his deputy, or the oldest member.
Article 22
1 - The resolutions of the General Assembly by an absolute majority of the number of its members with regard to amending the statute.
2 - The resolutions of the General Assembly two-thirds majority of the members of the charity in the following matters:
A - solution charity.
- Amend the statute with respect to the objectives of the charity.
C - isolating members of the Governing Council and the withdrawal of confidence from them.
D - Union of the charity or integrated with other charity.
The resolutions of the General Assembly by an absolute majority of the members present with the exception of things that were not mentioned in paragraph (1) and (2) of Article (22).
Article 23
Regulates the minutes of each meeting of the General Assembly and the Secretary General shall codification and sign it in conjunction with the Chairman of the Board and then the record preliminary evidence on the content and on the legitimacy of the AGM and the decisions taken at the meeting.
Article 24
On the Board of Directors to inform the competent ministry and the ministry under a written notice of the date and place of the meeting of the general assembly ordinary and extraordinary one month ahead of schedule at least attached to the agenda.
Second: the Board of Directors
Article 25
The General Manager of the Board of Directors consists of (7) members are elected by the General Assembly, and be a three-year
Article 26
Terms of reference of the Board of Directors:
- The Board of Directors following matters: -
1 - Department of Public Charitable Society and the preparation of regulations and internal regulations and instructions necessary for the functioning of the charity.
2 - Set the necessary staff to the charitable organization and define their responsibilities and terminate their services in accordance with the provisions of the law.
3 - Configure the committees that it deems necessary to improve the work and to determine their respective jurisdiction.
4 - Prepare final accounts for the financial year finished and the draft budget for the new year.
5 - Provide annual reports of administrative, financial and any future plans or projects of the Assembly.
6 - Call the General Assembly for an ordinary meeting or unusual and carry out its decisions in accordance with the provisions of the law and statute.
7 - Follow any comments received from the competent ministry and the ministry regarding actively charity and respond to them.
Article 27
Board chooses from among its members a Chairman and Vice-Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer
(A) The President of the Board of Directors or his deputy in his absence the following: -
1 - represent the charity in front of others and be signed on its behalf on all correspondence, correspondence, contracts and agreements made between them and the other actors and approved by the Board of Directors concluded
2 - preside over the sessions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and attended internal committees and the right call
3 - Adoption of the agenda of the meetings of the Board of Directors and monitor the implementation of its decisions.
4 - sign with the secretary on the records of the meetings and administrative decisions and personnel affairs
5 - signing with the treasurer of the instruments and securities.
(B) respect the secretary of the Board of Directors of the charity, including the following:
1 - Prepare the agenda of the Governing Council and inviting members and the assumption of the Secretariat of the meeting and prepare minutes and resolutions, and recording records.
2 - recordkeeping stipulated in the law.
3 - to notify both the ministry and the ministry competent and competent Union statement the organic movement in the charity or any change or amendment made under a written notice within a period not exceeding fifteen days from the date of the change or amendment.
4 - to work on the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors.
5 - Prepare the annual administrative report on the activities of the charity and submitted to the Board of Directors
6 - setting the agenda of the General Assembly and to call in accordance with the law at the regular meetings and extraordinary.
7 - Supervise all administrative work, personnel and accept applications for membership.
(C) The Secretary shall fund the charity, including the following:
1 - is responsible for all the affairs of the charity according to the financial systems and financial assets used
2 - general supervision of the Assembly resources and expenditures and receipts for extraction and receive all revenue and deposited with the National Bank adopted by the Governing Council.
3 - under all revenues and expenses, respectively, in the records so special and be responsible for the organization of work, inventory and financial supervision and observations on the Board of Directors.
4 - overseeing the annual inventory and report the outcome of the inventory of the Governing Council.
5 - disbursement of all amounts legally decide dispensing with document retention function on the health of exchange control and save documents.
6 - the audit of the financial records of the association charity and review financial documents before exchange and adoption, and save
7 - the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors with regard to financial transactions, provided that conform to the budget items
8 - preparation of the charity budget for the following year in conjunction with the Secretary and presented to the Governing Council.
9 - the signing of the instruments and securities with the Chairman of the Board of Directors.
10 - Search of comments received from the relevant ministry and the ministry and answered.
Article 28
The Governing Council meets once every three months at least at the invitation of:
(A) Chairman of the Board or his deputy, or the majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall not be held valid unless attended two thirds of the members and decisions are taken by an absolute majority (50% +1) and when a tie is President has a casting vote.
(B) Governing Council convenes exceptionally whenever necessary so at the invitation of the President or Vice President, or one third of its members.
Article 29
A - Any member of the Board of Directors to resign from office at any time by written notice to submit it to the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors to decide on the notice within a period not exceeding one month from the date of submission In the case of non-refoulement is consent to resign.
B - cut off a member of the Board of Directors for his performance in the Board of Directors if the eligibility or declared bankrupt
Article 30
A - If a vacancy occurs as a member of the Governing Council meanwhile place the member who followed in the number of votes in the last elections for the Assembly, if there is no permissible for members remaining to appoint another member of the General Assembly members to serve on the Board until the nearest meeting of the General Assembly, and members may remaining capacity (interim committee) to continue to work as our Governing Council until such appointment
- If you are unable to board member to perform his duties for any reason the remaining members may appoint one of the members of the General Assembly to replace him until he returns to the performance of its functions.
C - if you can not board meeting due to resignation or death shall be from the rest of the Board of Directors (as a temporary committee) important work of the Council for a maximum period of one month during which call the general assembly to choose a new board of directors.
D - follows a member of the Board of Directors work for the benefit of the charity within the purpose and in accordance with the Statute and the resolutions of the General Assembly, and perform all the duties imposed on the Assembly under the law of charities or NGO.
E - The general assembly may separate member of the Board of Directors of the office all the time on the proposal of the Board of Directors.
- The Board of Directors previously responsible for all financial matters during his address to the General Assembly and the competent authorities
Article 31
If the Board of Directors mass resignation or not the Interim Committee referred to in paragraph (a) of Article "30" functions the minister to appoint an interim committee of the General Assembly members to carry out the functions of the Governing Council for a month and call the general assembly to convene within that period to choose the board of directors new
Article 32
Should the Board of Directors as follows:
(A) The organization of the following records:
1 - log correspondence issued and contained them.
2 - Register Statute, including the names of the members of the Board of Directors in each election cycle and the date of their election.
3 - Record of the names of the members of the charity, including identification numbers, age, date of affiliation and their profession and nationality.
4 - record the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, in chronological order.
5 - Record cash and in-kind income and expenses on the face of a detailed and in accordance with the established financial assets.
(B) The Board of Directors shall organize Minutes decisions Bgelsath.
(C) The Board of Directors shall seal the records referred to in the article "32" paragraph (a) by the competent department prior to use.
(D) The Board of Directors shall maintain records mentioned in paragraph (a) of Article "32" and not destroyed for the duration of the work and handed over to the competent department at the solution of the charity and highlight these records to the competent department of the ministry requested at any time.
Article 33
The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Treasurer to sign on all instruments, bonds, securities that are binding on them and do her name in the internal processes within the framework of its validity.
Article 34
May not be the Governing Council membership includes two or more combines them relatives of the first and second.
Article "35
May not be combined membership of the Board of Directors and to work in the charity paid.
Article 36
No member of the Board of Directors to take any action to calculate the Assembly or for the benefit of a personal interest in it.
Chapter IV
Financial Assembly
Article 37
Assembly financial consists of: -
1 - Members' contributions
2 - donations and members. For grants and subsidies is conditional receipts under arrest approved by the Ministry.
3 - the proceeds of the activities of the charity secured earning and legally permissible.
4 - resources determined by the Board of Directors.
Article 38
The Assembly shall have an annual budget that starts from 1/1 of each year and ending on 31/12 of the same year and oversees a chartered accountants unless less expenditures for 1000 JD or equivalent in the local currency.
In both cases provides the auditor's report on the financial position of the charity for the past financial year of the General Assembly at its annual meeting for approval and ratification.
Article 39
A. Charity funds deposited cash at the Bank / or accredited banks before and he has to notify the competent ministry and the ministry for the depositary within a week from the date of occurrence.
B. Not entitled to retain cashier in the General Fund cash balance of more than one month expense.
C. Assembly must inform the Auditor on all the books of accounts and records of meetings and decisions and exchange receipts and arrested.
Article 40
All funds of the charity dedicated to achieving its objectives and may not be spending any amount on any other purpose.
Article 41
Assembly must submit their books accounting and financial report each year to the competent Ministry and the Ministry not later than four months after the end of the fiscal year.
Chapter V
Dissolution of the Association
Article 42
A. If you do not the charity to achieve its objectives or unable to do so board Vlogelbah or one third of the members of the General Assembly have the right to request an extraordinary meeting.
Assembly to consider the solution of the charity and the disposition of funds.
B. The decision of the true solution if the meeting was attended by two-thirds of the members of the charity and with the approval of two-thirds of the members present.
C. If you stay for the defunct charity funds after dissolution and after payment of all obligations owed to not Vtúl those funds to other Association have similar objectives within the borders of Palestine.
Article 43
The Ministry has the right to solve the charity in the following cases: -
1 - If you do not proceed with its actual charity during the first year from the date of registration.
2 - if you are in breach of the charity statute fundamental breach and not corrected their positions within a period not exceeding three months from the date of notifying in writing to do so.
3 - If acted in charity money on specific aspects of her.
4 - If submitted to the Ministry or any other official data is incorrect.
5 - if you are in breach of any provision of law or public order or public morals.
Chapter VI
General Provisions
Article 44
Charity is entitled to two-thirds majority of its members Union or merger with another charity, whether qualitatively or regionally Union or the General Union, according to the Charities Act and its implementing regulations.
Article 45
Entitled to the charitable organization set up committees to work to achieve their purposes.
Article 46
Prohibits the charity exercise of political activity and the creation of secret societies.
Article 47
Prohibits the charity to operate only after the officially registered with the competent department of the ministry.

Mission and Objectives: 

- develop and build the capacity of individual sectors of society through training programs and specialized rehabilitation as an entry point for community development.
2 - Strengthening the role of women and youth in the community through support programs and community reinforcement.
3 - Work on reducing the prevalence of poverty and unemployment among young people and dependents through development programs and small projects and emergency relief through the coordination and work with donor development agency.
4 - Search and coordination with public and private institutions to expand the role of civil work in the service sectors of society.
5 - to contribute to the development of the educational work through the creation of learning programs and activities to support the formal educational institutions to raise the level of education

Main Projects / Activities: 

Of the most important achievements of Ola Association for Development and Community Development 2009
1 - Assembly made several free educational programs for students
2 - The General many educational meetings covering an area of ​​northern Gaza
3 - The General held numerous sessions for new graduates
4 - The Assembly hold seminars for Palestinian heritage
5 - The Assembly to hold workshops with parents
6 - The Assembly holding meetings to address mental disorders in children Iban war at Gaza Strip.
7 - The General work exhibition of handicrafts for parents
8 - the work of the Assembly Fine Arts Exhibition
9 - Assembly established folk band
10 - Assembly established the Task theatrical arts
Activities and events for the year 2009
1 - Assembly launched an educational project (tuition) to serve the Palestinian society are free and self-efforts of various areas in northern Gaza and specifically in the following areas
(Beit Hanoun; Beit Lahiya; Jabalya refugee camp).
Starting from the beginning of the school year to end
The target group of all educational levels and for this project was the beginning of what made by the Assembly in this area through the crew of new graduates have benefited from this project about 4500 students in various areas.
2 - The General job interviews educational for people of all regions of northern Gaza and had a positive impact on these areas through the role of the family in building society has reached a number of these meetings about 45 meeting was measured success preparing the growing of parents as the number of the first meeting in each region about 10 people, men and women, and in the second meeting number of participants reached 25 to be the last meeting a minimum of 53 individual.
The rate of each region 15 meeting distributed to twelve weeks each region starting from March until the end of the month.
3 - The Association to hold courses for graduates and new number 35 of the sexes in several areas, including cycle connection continues; refresher courses; preparation courses cadre animators; courses First Aid in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society 24 weeks starting from March until the end of August
4 - The General job seminars for Palestinian heritage as a symbol of Palestinian identity In this sense it was necessary for us to consolidate our Palestinian in the minds of our children and the target group of Vanguard as the number of participants 60 individual has been the implementation of these seminars continuously for 8 weeks starting from the month July until the end of August.
5 - The General holding workshops for parents include violence against women; domestic violence; how to deal with children; facing teen; addressing sexual harassment among children and causes has been the implementation of these Alo workshops during the four months starting from April 2009 until the end of the month of July 2009
6 - The Association hold meetings with children from the age of six to the age of the third century and that the light of mental disorders have Iban war on the Gaza Strip and meetings were fruitful and held the spirit of joy and a smile to the lips of children through theatrical works for children for entertainment for them and entertain through a working group Assembly has continued this work for three consecutive months in all areas in northern Gaza.
7 - The General job fair handicrafts of making people to alleviate their suffering economic though Abeche walking through the presentation of these works and sell them to freelance and had this exhibition a great success has been the sale of these works there parents in order to exercise their right to exist has been opened this exhibition in the middle July 2009.
8 - The General job Fine Arts Exhibition of Vanguards of boys and girls and this was the work of making our children in order to prove to the world that we the people of the creator of his children so old and was the show in early August 2009 and has met very welcome within the Palestinian society.
9 - The establishment of a task force of the Assembly Palestinian Folk Art of the sexes and to preserve the heritage of the Palestinian loss because of the Israeli occupation tried and tried to steal the Palestinian national heritage in various fields and international technical arenas.
10 - Assembly has created a Task Force for the Performing Arts and to view the Palestinian cause through works of art because of its impact on the Arab viewer and We Rschena thus the Arab viewer and the Palestinian point of view and maintained on the Palestinian heritage.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Cultural programs and the acquisition of knowledge Which claim to narrow the gap in the community Which reflected positively to the citizen
And knowledge of the progress of peoples through the intellectual culture
And taking Nmazj from friendly countries to adopt our

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To improve the intellectual peoples
The geographical proximity and intellectual youth development
Youth development and Palestinian women and the advancement of the Palestinian society
And cultural awareness among the peoples