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Alawda Charitable Society

National Network: 
Abassan Elkabera, Khan younis, Gaza strip, palestine.
Khan younis
Telephone (other): 
Mobile Phone: 
Mobile Phone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Organization Structure:
• general assembly.
• member of board.
• director.
• project manger.
• Activity department.
• Secretary.
• Employees.
• Accountant.
• Purchases department.
Budgetary resources available in a year:
• Alamal culture center.
• Alamal kindergarten
Sources of funding:
• Projects and grantees done by Alawda Charitable Society from international donors.
• The fee of the membership in the organization.
• Humanitarian aid and donations from the Friends of the organization.
Modalities of action:
• Relief programs
• Education Activity
• Development projects
• Culturing.
• Environment
Main partners:
• Local committees
• USAID- Rafeed
• Australian representative office (AUSTAID)
• Norwegian people aid (NPA)
• Free Church Federation.

Mission and Objectives: 

Alawda charitable society is a civil nongovernment and non-profit organization aspires to build civil society based on democratic, developmental foundations aims to build the capacity of rights without discrimination between color, religion or sex. Our attention is directed at the development and cultural programs aimed at the development of Palestinian society poorer through cultural programs and development projects.
• Work to raise the level of education, cultural and social.
• Work on integrated development in the Palestinian countryside
• Work and assist to have a democratic, developmental society
• Contributing to sanitation the environmental .

Main Projects / Activities: 

• Arial Brest cancer for women Nov. 2003 management of funds
• Building of Alawda society offices Aug.2003 management of funds
• The Kindergarten Administration conducted public awareness program Feb. 2002 Local Partner
• Distribution of 7000 food baskets for the householders in south gaza 2003 – 2007 USAID
• Shoa'a2 Summer camps Aug.2002 Local Partner
• the distribution of children's milk 2002 Local Partner
• The Provision of Educational-Recreational Activities for Children in Marginalized Areas Nov. 2003 management of funds
• Gray water management Jun.2003 management of funds
• Civil education for school children in Rafah and Khan younis cities Oct0 2003 management of funds
• Construction of rain water collection pools in the eastern villages JAN2005 management of funds
• Construction of rain water collection pools in the eastern villages JUL2005 management of funds
• Alamal culture center Feb 2007 management of funds