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alryada for Development Studies and Human Rights

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Port Said - suburban area - Portx housing - Marwa building - Apartment 27
port said suburban area
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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Association alryada  for Development Studies and Human Rights work in the fields of studies and applied research and consultancy in the field of social sciences and human rights. Has been added to the field of human rights in April 2014 by a judicial ruling.
We have made many studies and research in the areas of sustainable development and energy. And Human Rights Studies.
We have cooperation with a number of partner organizations In the fields of training and studies
We have a great group of young activists In many fields and disciplines
-          There are a number of basic and sub-committees are as follows: -
- Executive committee
- Committee of Rights and Freedoms
- To the Dispute Settlement Committee and the elimination of customary
- Commission studies and projects
- Information Committee
- Committee training and education

Mission and Objectives: 

Work on finding solutions to many problems that concern the life of individuals in the first place and so try to change their life and improve their living conditions and their surrounding environment.
Through the preparation of studies and research on these problems and find solutions to them, according to a modern and sophisticated vision which fit the era of scientific , creative and technological development , which witnessed by the developed world.
This is in addition to holding seminars, training programs and events in order to raise the scientific and cultural awareness among individuals.
-We are fully aware that these studies and scientific programs can not be valuable or helping to change people life, but under the rule of a democratic which allows the possibility to Show visions and ideas and work to implement them without any obstacles or control to reduce the role of science in various fields so as not to turn contributor’s natural to change the surrounding environment for the life of individuals. Or find good solutions and new resolve various problems, whether economic, social or cultural or religious without distinction relative to religion, color or sex with the recognition of the  other acceptance and rejection of violence and extremism and respect for human rights and the principles of equality and interest in and respect for women's issues and work to enable it.. The science is the basis of everything and nothing without the knowledge.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Conduct studies and research
- Human rights
- Printing and Publishing
- Economical development
- Environment protection
- Training and education

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We can prepare studies and programs that may help the network to develop and promote its performance in the geographical area in which we operate as well as bring in new members of organizations to join the network  .

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Anna Lindh network big and important network and will be of benefit to join it through access to information and the exchange of expertise and work of the various partnerships .

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