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A.M.A.L. - Spoken Arabic for All

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Yehuda Hanasi 14/10 Tel-Aviv Israel 69200
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General Information: 

A.M.A.L. is the Hebrew acronym for "Spoken Arabic for all". The A.M.A.L. program was conceived in the framework of the British Council's "Intercultural Navigators" program and is co-sponsored by "Perach" (Israel's national mentoring program) and The British Council of Israel. Arab students taking part in the project teach spoken Arabic and Arab culture in Jewish elementary schools. The students receive a scholarship and the 4 directors are volunteers. The above mentioned organizations have already contributed over 9,000$ to the funding of the program.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our vision is a more tolerant and open minded Israeli society in which the popularly accepted equation, Arabic=Arabs=terrorists, is replaced by a new equation, Arabic=Arabs=human beings. In this case, the human beings are regular everyday Arab students, future doctors, lawyers and engineers, reaching out to young Israeli Jews, with the hope of changing perceptions and stereotypes.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Training of the students, weekly lessons in the school, special extracurricular intercultural activities, inter faith and inter-community activities and involvement of teachers/parents.

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