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10682 ATHENS
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General Information: 

Social Cooperative Anemos Ananeosis was constituted in Greece in 2014 by socially active people in order to play a strategic and creative role in the promotion of social entrepreneurship, green economy, culture and social innovation. Anemos Ananeosis has 24 employees and 14 volunteers have already joined our team.

For the implementation of its goals, Anemos Ananeosis is collaborating with Municipalities (especially with the Greek Green Cities Network), Institutions (UNHCR, Representation of the European Commission in Greece, European Parliament Information Office in Greece), organisations (Heinrich Böll Stiftung), EU networks (REVES, CECOP etc.), NGOs (Greek Forum of Refugees, ANASA Cultural Center etc.).

The budget for 2016 is €645.474,00 and the sources are provided by the cooperation with institution for the implementation of common projects (WELCOMMON, Social Entrepreneusrhip Forum 2016, Energy Poverty projects).

Anemos Ananeosis is experienced in:
 Raising awareness activities: workshop on the status of Energy Poverty in Greece and the contribution of green and social innovation to address the problem, Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2014&2015, seminar on Planning Transition to Energy Efficient Cities, workshop on Energy Cooperatives in Schools, etc.
 Capacity building seminars mainly on eco-social sustainability to pubic authorities and social stakeholders.
 Research: policy paper on green policies, energy poverty, etc.
 Networking and share of knowledge and best practices in local, regional, national and European level
 Consulting services and support of bottom-up initiatives, e.g. Greek Green Cities Network, local Energy Cooperatives, social enterprises, etc.
 Providing services for refugees in matters of housing, empowerment and integration. Anemos Ananeosis is providing a space where the 1st community center for refugees will operate, in cooperation with state authorities and NGOs, while it has established a fruitful cooperation with UNHCR, as well as with other international organisations and networks.
 Promotion of participatory methodologies, e.g. consultation on a code of conduct for social enterprises.


Mission and Objectives: 

Social Cooperative Anemos Ananeosis was constituted in order to play a strategic and creative role in the promotion of the:

  • social - cooperative and responsible economy,
  • social entrepreneurship,
  • green - circular economy,
  • incorporation of democracy and human rights in financial and social life,
  • social and environmental innovation,
  • employment in green, social and cultural sectors.
Main Projects / Activities: 

2016 main project:

1. The WELCOMMON project is about the creation of a community center in Athens which aims to support refugees in matters of housing, empowerment and integration. WELCOMMON has been granted from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) of the City of Athens.

The community center will be based on refugees’ active participation, social innovation and social entrepreneurship and will operate under two pillars:
 Emergency relief (e.g. housing, meals, medical care)
 Empowerment and social integration through:
• capacity building (e.g. language learning, intercultural-environmental training),
• employment opportunities (e.g. catering, cleaning services, clothes production, culture),
• engagement with social entrepreneurship,
• cooperation with the local population (e.g. employment at the hostel for unemployed Greeks, activities-events open to local population, low cost social market).

2. Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2016. Anemos Ananeosis and Heinrich Böll Stiftung GR, in cooperation with other partners (e.g. Association of Cooperative Banks of Greece, Ecological Recycling Society, Impact Hub Athens etc.) are cooperating in yearly basis for the organisation of Social Entrepreneurship Forum. Its main purpose is the contribution to mobilizing for social change in Greece, the illustration of the role of social and solidarity economy to the development of local economy, the dissemination of good practices in Europe and Greece, the creation of new tools for further development of the sector of social economy, the facilitation and acceleration of the start, financing and sustainable development of social enterprises. Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 (SEF) boosted the dynamic of last year’s organisation and contributed in promoting the Forum as a considerable institution of dialogue, information and networking with regard to social entrepreneurship. Critical milestones such as the draft and adoption of a Code of Conduct for social enterprises, the upgrade of the social entrepreneurship forum website into a common online platform that will provide accurate and timely information on social enterprises and innovative tools for the communication of community members ac-cording to their needs, have been set and agreed upon in the Forums’ Declaration.

3. Energy poverty and green policies. Anemos Ananeosis and Heinrich Böll Stiftung GR have jointly worked to prepare a policy report on addressing energy poverty in Greece through green social innovation. In this context, 2 workshops have been organised in order to exchange views and good practices with experts from Greece and abroad.