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Anthropolis Association

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Lövőház utca 29.
1024 Budapest
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Anthropolis Association is a public benefit association based on Budapest but with national and European range of focus and activities. The staff member number is a bit flexible according to the actual projects but in generally 4-6 staffs working permanent with the Anthropolis.  The association has been involved in several European parntership project also was granted by Swiss and Norvegian funds. The Athropolis' main financial resources are these international grants, smaller incomes come form the membership fee, national funds, tax benefit, selling books and periodicals. 

Anthropolis has a wild range of national and international partnership, board member of the national development platform (HAND - as a member of the CONCORD platform). 

Mission and Objectives: 

Anthropolis is a public benefit non-profit association, founded in 2002, Budapest, Hungary. The association is mainly focusing on the issues about the global education (developing and distributing educational materials, organising workshops and courses for both students, teachers and adults) and digital storytelling (personal related digital narrative workshops for different target groups).

Anthropolis is one of the leader lobby organisation in Hungary about the global learning and also first – and still the only – actor in the digital storytelling field in the country. As an active NGO has a wide range of partnership in the country with other NGOs, public sector, education sector and also experienced in European level as well. The key persons are well prepared trainers for the digital storytelling workshops and adaptation for different target groups.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Main focus on global education (see in the mission section) and the digital storytelling. At the moment Anthropolis is involved 3 bibber projects:

- EAThink: Euroepan parnership on global education main focus on sustainable food issues

- Timeless Slavery: edcuational and awareness raising campaign againts the contemporary slavery

- I Dig Stories: European network for digital stories

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Anthrpolois as an active baord member of the national platform's global education board has a power of lobbying at different stakeholders and decision makers level. Also has a wide range of school partnership to have a direct contribution of different global education issues for teachers and students as well. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Anthropolis' mission and main objectives are really close the ALF goals and we would like to broading our perspectives with new NGOs, partners, any kind of institutions matching to our goals via the ALF Network.