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Appleseeds Academy

National Network: 
36 Brodetzky st
Tel Aviv
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Appleseeds Academy was established in 2000 as a business sector initiative, employs 250 people, providing technological training in 350 locations in Israel, with 70,000 beneficiaries per year, and 8,500 total hours of instruction per month. Appleseeds was ranked A-level rating by "Midot" (Israel's premier non-profit evaluation center.)
The Academy's unique operational model includes a complete training program in various technological fields in order to bestow participants with a full set of skills and tools fit for the society and job market of the 21st.
Partners include governmental agencies (such as social security, ministry of education, ministry of science, etc.), corporations (Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Bezeq and more) and other NGOs.

Mission and Objectives: 

Providing equal opportunities through the use of technological tools and life skills development in the geographic and social periphery of Israel.
Goals and objectives:
• Reducing social gaps by reducing the digital gap.
• Promoting access to innovation and technology for various populations
• Creating partnerships with business, institutional and social entities in Israel and abroad to increase the effectiveness of each individual program
• Promoting an open and respectful dialogue between Jewish and Arab communities in Israel and between Israel and its neighbors, using technology
The association's core values are: initiating and facilitating change, the joy of doing, versatility, professionalism, leadership and partnership.

Main Projects / Activities: 

• Technological training with emphasis on vocational skills, targeting Women, ultra-orthodox Jews, new immigrants and members of the Israeli Arab and Druze communities, with 45% placement rates post training.
• Community Knowledge Centers, providing computer training and internet access to local community members.
• National Service Infrastructure, Intel-certified volunteers play a pivotal role in implementing technological training in schools and community centers across Israel.
• Net@ – Technological Excellence and Social Leadership, a long-term program integrating advanced technology with social values and leadership skills, training youth in Israel's peripheral communities to become high-tech professionals. Part of the program includes MYTecC, an open dialogue between youth from Israel and its neighbors.
• Professional Development for Teachers, introducing 6,000 teachers a year to the latest e-Learning platforms and the teaching tools of tomorrow.
• International technological training and management development programs for local organizations in collaboration with various international organizations. Main activity is in six African nations.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Appleseeds will contribute by seeking cooperation for potential projects promoting intercultural dialogue, exchanging ideas with other members and being an active member in a network of organizations that share the same goals.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

AFL main purpose of bringing people together from across the Mediterranean to improve mutual respect between cultures aligns with Appleseeds objective to use technology as a tool to foster open communications and effective dialogue between the Jewish-Arab sectors in Israel, and between Israelis and other nations in the middle east.

In addition, AFL's network structure resembles Appleseeds' partnership methodology; Appleseeds operating model is based on creating cross sectorial cooperation, between NGOs, public sector and corporations, which in turn translates into long-term sustainable projects.
We believe that through the AFL network, Appleseeds can familiarize itself and connect with other organizations whose core values are similar.