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Arab Innovation for Training and Consulting Company

National Network: 
Amman, Jordan
Amman Sweileh 11953
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Private Company
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Arab Innovation for training and consulting was established in Amman in early 2013, and began its work in 2015, in order to contribute to the improvement of services in the field of training and consulting.

Mission and Objectives: 


The best place on the level of Jordan in the field of training and consulting.


Develop and adopt energies in the Jordanian and Arab society, in order to increase productivity.


1. Develop the skills of the target groups.
2. Contribute to the entry of people into the labor market.
3. Improve the quality of business environments, especially in the field of education.
4. Promote the importance of training in all sectors of society.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Work Fields:
1. Training and preparation of its content.
2. Providing consultancy in the field of human resources development, and education.
3. Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions.

  The Company's Priorities:
1. Access to all the governorates of Jordan.
2. Contribute to the education reform system in Jordan.
3. Promote the values of integrity and transparency in the Jordanian society through the services we offer.
4. Support youth initiatives.

• Values:
The Arab Innovation Co, believes that our work emerges from our love, our devotion and our commitment to Jordan institution and its  high humanity- based values that are stemmed from the Arab civilization, the heavenly religions and the human values in general. We will also strengthen our commitment to a set of values that will enable us to reach our destination efficiently and effectively:
1. Autonomy.
2. Quality.
3. Spirit of responsibility.
4. Support the marginalized groups.
5. Partnership.
6. Integrity.

Target group:
1. School and university students.
2.  Youth.
3. Women.
4. The marginalized groups
5. Job seekers.
6. Members of the community in general.

Targeted sectors:
1. Education sector.
2. Civil society institutions.
3. Governmental institutions.
4. The private sector.
5.  Political parties.

Additional Information: