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Arts Contemporary

National Network: 
19, Rue Théophile Gautier
20.000 Casablanca
+212 22 27 91 43
+212 22 27 26 11
E-Mail (2): 
Mobile Phone: 
+212 61157531
Mobile Phone (other): 
+212 11487739
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
General Information: 

1. Religious organization with nonlucrative goal made up of an office of 15 members: 1 president, 1 vice-president, 1 honorary president, 1 secretary-general, 2 associated secretaries-general, 1 general treasurer, 1 associated treasurer, 5 advisers.
2. 15.000 EUR
3. - contribution of the members of association (30 members)
- seals of the organized spectacles
- seals of the training courses of dance
- various private donations
4. spectacles of dance, artistic direction, framing and professionalisation of a company of dance hip-hop, vocational training in the fields of the dance contemporary, traditional, modern-jazz and hip-hop, training courses national and international, interaction in sociocultural projects of the town of Casablanca, Integration of the young people of the popular districts through the dance, promotion of the artistic creation of rising generation Moroccan abroad.
5. Partner principal associate with a project on which association currently works: - the Merry Hour for the project for the account of "Nike"

Mission and Objectives: 

- development of dance, music and all arts in connection with scene in all its forms and to widen their diffusion like establishing a co-operation with the cultural organizations in Morocco and abroad.
- to bring together in a group independent the professionals of the performing arts, for the study and of the defense of their common interests, on the plan;
- the promotion of the art of the dance in Morocco and an international level, like that of the music, the theatre and other disciplines of the scene; the installation and the coordination of operations of sensitizing and information at the national and international level;
- the participation in the various cultural activities of Morocco.
- the support of all activities aiming to the development of dance to Morocco;
- the meeting of all the implied actors.
- establishment of relations privileged with the other cultural organizations (associations, federations...etc)