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ASESEM Association for Social Empowerment & Sustainable Environment in the Mediterranean

National Network: 
1107 Clemenceau
Beirut 0000
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

ASESEM is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 2016 by a group of professional and experienced individuals working towards a more engaged society and a sustainable environment.
ASESEM strives to address social, environmental, economic and agricultural challenges through training and capacity building while encouraging sustainable development and social responsibility. ASESEM follows international standard practices utilizing intercultural approach along with partners from different countries across the Mediterranean to link actions in conjunction with local authorities.

Mission and Objectives: 


·      Encourage social responsibility and civic engagement
·      Foster environmental responsibility through innovation and sustainable development
·      Advocate for conservation of local heritage and natural resources whilst promoting eco-tourism
·     Support rural development
·      Work toward empowering women and strengthening youth through education and community involvement
·     Assist SME’s in knowledge transfer and commercialization of innovative ideas/initiatives aimed at encouraging civic engagement and environmental sustainability
·      Ensure sustainable development of the community through use of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, innovative technology transfer in close cooperation with related stakeholders.

ASESEM Structure

Mr. Hadi El Assaad - President

Dr. Mohamad Abiad - Vice President

Mrs. Shaden Baassiri Beydoun - Treasurer

Mrs. Caline Nahhas - Secretary

Budget resources & source of funding are from different projects in the Mediteranean. We just started  (registered under Ministry of Interior in 2016) and working now in collaboration with Zico House on LEB SARD Festival Project EUR40k. 1 year project ending September 2017.

Action though concrete projects and exchange between Lebanon and Euro MEd  Countries

Partners involved in this project are from Italy.

Main Projects / Activities: 

• LEB-SARD Festival project intends to contribute to the Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural artistic co-productions referring to a cross border cooperation that involves two or more producing partners from different cultures/geographical scope, entering into a collaboration to support the creation and distribution of an artistic project, music in specific as an instrument for cultural expression, intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning. It's a cultural Project about music for meiterranean dialogue.


The LEB SARD Festival will take place in St Louis Church in Downtown Beirut on May 1st, and in Monteponi Mine in Iglesias, Sardinia on May 20,2017. It will feature a common show involving important local artist- composer Hiba Al Kawas from Lebanon and musician Fabio Furia from Italy, aiming to share and facilitate access to resources and experiences as well as the transfer of know-how and competencies across the Euro-Med region.

• Organizing Public events: a seminar preceding the festival will be held in Solidere, Beirut on May 1st and in Iglesias, Sardinia on May 19, 2017. This seminar aims to spread the role of music and theatre as mean of socio-cultural economic development of under-used places

• Engaging large and diverse audiences for the promotion of cultural expression and intercultural dialogue; all the while involving public authorities like ministries, municipalities, embassies and private institutions like schools, media, NGOs and cultural centers.

Reflecting the cultural richness of both societies by highlighting the role of youth; the event will involve around 50 students from Rafic Hariri Foundation Choir in Lebanon, age group 6-17, and 12 conservatory students from Iglesias, Sardinia, age group 17-22. 

• Communicating the socio-cultural impact of co-productions by using media as a tool for outreach and wide visibility. Please visit the website www.lebsardfestival.com

• Involving the community, be it private or public, in signing an agreement to support and plan the future edition of the "LEB-SARD Festival Project“. The same actors will agree on cooperating for future common initiatives among these two countries and other Med regions.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Based on the ASESEM member experience through many previous projects with European Union, USAID etc. and with many partners local and international, we believe we can have an impact on social economic comunal environmental areas. By engaging in such socio economic projects ASESEM can 

• make local stakeholders have an influence on the social context where the project is implemented. 

• Involve different territories (citizens, enterprises, associations, Institutions) that will benefit in terms of promotion and attractiveness related to social and cultural events.

• Put the basis for a long term intercultural and cross-border dialogue between involved parties and territories.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

ASESEM is well connected to several networks local (public & private) and international. By joining the ALF network we can share our network and add to it by involving other association from the network. 

ASESEM Network

National bodies (Ministries, Municipalities, Chambers, Investment Agencies) 

Local authorities (cities, regions, economic zones, and economic development organizations) in charge of implementing, granting support (financial and technical) or issuing legal authorizations for public or private investment projects.

A broader range of stakeholders - Private actors
Companies or Business Support Organizations
Financial Institutions, Banks, Investment Funds
Civil Society, NGOs

Mediterranean Partner

France, Italy, Spain, Athens, Tunisia