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Asociación Cazalla Intercultural

National Network: 
c/Alcalde Pelegrín Rodriguez 12
+34 968 477 566
+34 968 473 523
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Cazalla-Intercultural Initiative is a cooperative of social workers in the educational and social awareness at European and local, in the areas of immigration and multiculturalism, Youth and Human Rights.
It is integrated by a group of people from different ethnic and cultural in a multidisciplinary way they operate in different areas of work we cover.Our team consists of social workers, educators, lawyers and immigration specialists and volunteers (both European and local) with experience and expertise in diverse areas (graffiti, graphic design, computer, caving and martial arts).
We in-Intercultural Cazalla share the same vision and different approaches on how to reach it, which gives us the motivation to act and work for what you believe. We assume that to change the social reality in which we live, we should promote other types of education with the aim of transforming our society into one a little more open, sensitive to the diversity of people from other cultures and understand the role of every person in this process of change and coexistence

Mission and Objectives: 

With the goal of educational change to achieve social changeFrom Cazalla-Intercultural're primarily interested in serving as a reference, information and support to those most in need, in terms of education and teaching in the first place and advice and guidance on issues of immigration.
Thus between our activities are all those which can serve these purposes, the socio-educational change and support those in need in this regard. Some examples of activities that have developed since our organization is the organization of seminars, training courses and workshops to address issues such as prevention of Islamophobia, the development of intercultural skills or knowledge and implementation of intercultural projects and activities where social theater became a working tool and intercultural awareness.
We also want to build a volunteer network in the municipality of Lorca's response to the desire of many people to help and lend a hand to those in need and to enable those who require such support know where to go to find volunteers / as to support them.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The activities that Cazalla delivers in the field of immigration:
- To report discriminatory situations and to strengthen the creation of associations of immigrants and to promote solidarity within this sector.
- Organising events for immigration that explore and clarify the present situation of immigration in Lorca and in the Region.
- To promote the positive attitudes, habits of behavior and values, by supporting the COEXISTENCE and organizing the days of " open doors" for the Moroccan and Ecuadorian ethnic group.
- To offer to youth immigrants training courses that could be of their interest.
Together with the work made in the field of youth immigration, the Association Cazalla as well provides activities for the young people from Lorca and gives the necessary information to facilitate and to promote international experiences that can contribute to youth's enrichment and personal development