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Asociación Juvenil Inter

National Network: 
Bda. La Granja, Plaza Ronda 16, 2ºC
Jerez de la Frontera
+34- 956 30 93 58
Mobile Phone: 
+34-651 08 77 56
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

1. Board of directors elected: president, secretary, treasurer, 2 members.
Staff: 1 project manager full time & 3 youth workers part time, plus an indeterminate number of volunteers, because it's open to any youngster interested in participating in our activities.
It has an informal network of European youth organisations, & it is considered a body active at European level.
2. Resources: 63.000€ for operational costs, 22.000€ for a seminar about volunteering, plus other projects expecting approval.
3. Sources: YiA programme, subaction 4.1. operational grant, members fees, public institutions.
4. Actions: Youth exchanges, seminars, youth initiatives, youth for democracy, mobility projects (EVS, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig)
5. Partners: Townhall of Jerez, House of Youth, local organisations like AFANAS de Jerez (for disabled people), other European youth organisations (The Society of Orestes (Grecia), HAIR (Romania), Informagiovani/Eurodesk (Italy), Young Steps (Turkey), etc)

Mission and Objectives: 

The organisation was created to promote values like peace, tolerance, respect towards oneself & others disregarding religion, origin, sex, etc, to put into contact youngsters with other cultures, to share traditions & learn from them.
- Foster tolerance & fighting against exclusion attitudes as xenophobia and racism;
- Promote equality, focusing on gender;
- Promote active participation of young people;
- Encourage intercultural learning;
- Environment awareness.
The target group is youngsters in general, but we give priority to disadvantaged young people (like handicapped, from rural isolated areas, early school leavers, unemployed, with economical or social difficulties)
We use non formal education/learning in order to develop youngsters' personal & professional competences, a methodology which can keep the interest and attention of young people, & at the same time can learn together, from a horizontal way, sharing experiences and knowledge; fostering the team decision-making.

Main Projects / Activities: 

In 2013
- Seminar to promote volunteering in Greece, approved by YiA.
- International youth initiative to create an alternative guide for disadvantaged urban areas, with Greece & Turkey.
- International youth for democracy project to know the origin of democracy, analyse the current situation & future, with Greece.
Past projects:
- Euromed Seminar “The place of women in the rural societies of the Mediterranean basin”, at Puget-Théniers, France 1-6 July 2006.
- 10th anniversary of Barcelona Declaration, meeting co-organised by the Egyptian National Coordination Office, Salto Youth Euro-Med RC & the Euro-Med Youth Platform Euromed Youth awards 12-16t Octuber 2005 at El Cairo.
- Seminar: Finding out the equality (as Organiser)21-28 April 2008
- Seminar: “Place and role of youth in the Union for the Mediterranean” at Malta (5th-11 July 2009). FZL Youth Seminar, YOUromed
- Seminar “Youth Against poverty” at Muş, Turkey (9–14July 2010). Anatolian European Culture & Advertising Association.
- Bilateral youth exchange: “Protect our Cultural & natural Heritage for the future generations”, at Sobrance, Slovak Republic, July 2000 (Association of Democratic Youth).
- Euromed Multilateral youth exchange: “Equality between all and for all” at Jerez, July 2003
- Multilateral youth exchange: “Express it, the body language a bridge between cultures” at Sanlúcar de Bda. (Spain) July 2003
-Multilateral youth exchange: Sociocultural integration. Jerez, July-August 2004
-Multilateral youth exchange: “Are we equal?” at Sanlúcar de Bda (Spain), July 2006
-Multilateral youth exchange: “Woman is our mother” at Muş, Turkey, 20 – 28June 2010.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We are experienced in organising youth projects with/for youngsters, using non formal education as methodology that helps to achieve our/their aims.
We belong to an informal youth network in Europe because of the great number of projects we participated in or organised.
The staff & volunteers are eager to help other organisations to create projects within Youth in Action Programme, & assess on other youth programmes in Europe.
We will also give visibility to the Anna Lindh Foundation to youngsters, local organisations, local administrations & our network via Internet/facebook, so that it is better known & to give the possibility to participate in its projects in the future.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We wish to create new projects & find new partners, especially to foster human rights, equal opportunities for all, & intercultural learning.

Until now, we tried to do projects within EUROMED quite unsucessfully, because it is difficult to find partners in the north of Africa and once we got them, it was not possible to get visa. So we hope to overcome these problems with the support of the foundation too.