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Asociación La Tierra Verde

National Network: 
Rafael Cabrera, 10, 2c
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canaries
Mobile Phone (other): 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

La Tierra Verde Association is a Canary Islands non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2003.

The main objective of our association has been, since its creation, to raise awareness about the role that sustainability can and should play in promoting society and active involvement in a broad spectrum of issues (of social, intercultural, environmental, etc.). To goal sustainability we invest a lot of efforts in diffusing and distributing updated and reliable information and in encouraging the utilization of information for the shaping of virtuous and socially viable behaviors.

We are particularly interested in the promotion of intercultural activities using sustainability and environmental protection as common topics, cooperating with many environmental organizations.

We are working nowadays in the promotion of Erasmus+: Youth in Action around Canarias region. 

Mission and Objectives: 

La Tierra Verde is based on volunteer work, where board members and rest of organisation are involved on the success of activities. At the moment we have no employees, so all profit obtained with our porjects remain on projects and local society.

All our incomes belongs to European Comissión projects, being involved in Grundtvig adult education projects (partnership) and mostly "Youth in Action" and "Erasmus+: Youth in Action": dozens of youth exchanges, Job Shadowing activities, 1 seminar and 1 EVS hosting experience. Our incomes during 2014 has been of 33.200€.

Our partners has been from all around Europe and EuroMed countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.

Main Projects / Activities: 

During last 5 years, our projects has been:

Dates, Venue, Name of the project, Type.

5-11/11/2014, La Palma island (Canaries), "Multiple Inteligences", Multilateral youth exchange.

23-29/8/2013, Gran Canaria island (Canaries), "All down the line 2.0", Multilateral youth exchange (including Tunisia & Palestine).

2-7/4/2012, Gran Canaria island (Canaries), "Rural & Urban Environment", Multilateral youth exchange.

8/2012-7/2014, Various, "Multiple Inteligences & parents education", Grundtvig (adult education).

25/8-2/9/2012, Gran Canaria island (Canaries), "EcoYouth", bilateral youth exchange.

17-23/10/2012, "We decide our policies", Multilateral youth exchange (including Egypt & Palestine).

4-10/12/2011, "Give youngsters a chance", bilateral youth exchange.

8/2009-7/2011, "Secure Internet, secure generations", Grundtvig (adult education).


How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Our expertise organizing various kinds of events give the chance to Anna Lidh Foundation (ALF) EuroMed to implement meetings and international conferences among EuroMed countries and european countries.

The Canary Islands are a spanish archipelago located just off the southern coast of Morocco, 100 kilometres (62 miles) west of its southern border. The geographical situation of Canaries and its environmental & climate conditions allows the organisations of international events all along the year, specially in winter time.

The direct flight connections from Canaries to european countries are complemented with direct flights to several african countries, including Maroc, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Green Cape Islands.

Considering we receive over 12 million visitors per year, the capability of islands to host huge groups are very well demonstrated.

La Tierra Verde has an important experience in youth international projects, so that we could offer ALF EuroMed partners updated information related to know how, and even participation in defined projects to be implemented in any of Canary Isles.

Our diversity is not only on nature. Human diversity is very wide in our opinion. The overwhelming majority of native Canarians are Roman Catholic with various smaller foreign-born populations of other Christian beliefs such as Protestants from northern Europe. But there are important number of Muslims (just in Gran Canaria there are no less than 8 mosques). Other religious faiths represented include The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as Hinduism (with the biggest India community in Spain). Minority religions are also present such as Buddhism, Baha'i & Corean Christian church. The cohabitance of these beliefs are excelent.

So that, in our opinion Canary Islands & La Tierra Verde could offer ALF EuroMed a new approach about intercultural dialogue.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

During years of participation in youth international projects, we have seen that some EuroMed (and not only) partners are members of ALF, very involved in activities all along the region.

After long debates in our organisation, we have seen that to became members of ALF EuroMed is a good chance for both sides: the experience in international projects in a priveleged atlantic region as Canaries and the strength of a prestigious international organisation with a very important number of members and very good & professional activities for interculturality and mutual understanding.

In our opinion, a great combination.