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Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS Soc. Coop. a r.l.

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Via Arrigo Davila, 16
00179 Roma RM
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

IDOS is a research centre, specialized on studies on migration and asylum, supported by a team of senior researchers working in this field for almost 20 years as well as several external experts.
On this topic IDOS does not only elaborate studies, researches and surveys (in which transfuses data collected and processed statistics from different sources), but also organizes or participates in conferences, seminars and training courses both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with international organizations, national and regional bodies, ngos, also in the framework of multinational projects.

For its own initiative or on behalf of other institutions, IDOS also carries out research activity on specific issues related to immigration as well as on emigration from Italy. Significant donors are the European Commission, UNHCR, International Organization for Migration Rome, Presidency of Council - Antidiscrimination Office, National Council for Economics and Labour, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, National Institute for Social Pensions, National Institute for Insurance againts Disabilities, National Union of Chambers, Lazio Region, Rome Province, Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Caritas Italiana, Migrantes Foundation, Caritas of Rome, Istituto di Studi Politici San Pio V, Unicredit Foundation, Deutch Botschaft Rom, Morocco Kingdom Embassy, Open Society Foundation, Ethnoland Foundation, Money Gram and several social organizations.
Finally IDOS is also the publisher of the review “Affari Sociali Internazionali”, that until 2009 was published under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ patronage.

IDOS staff consists of 10 members: 7 researchers and 3 employees with administrative and secretarial functions. Furthermore, IDOS has a network of 33 regional representatives and 150 

Mission and Objectives: 

The Mission of IDOS is to produce the "Dossier Statistico Immigrazione" (27 editions) a statistical report on immigration and asylum in Italy. Moreover IDOS produce other two national reports: The "Osservatorio Romano sulle Migrazioni" (12 editions) and the "Rapporto Immigrazione e Imprenditoria" (3 editions).
Moreover, IDOS is committed in a broad awareness-raising on migrants integration issues through the publication of different surveys and research, workshops, conferences, training.
Finally IDOS is also the publisher of the review “Affari Sociali Internazionali”, that until 2009 was published under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ patronage.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Each year, IDOS researchers produce a statistical report on immigration and asylum in Italy called Dossier Statistico Immigrazione (next issue: IDOS Pub., Rome, October 2017). This book, about 500 pages, is published in 10,000 copies and distributed throughout all Italy. In occasion of the 2003 Italian Presidency semester of the EU, in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the National Council for Economics and Labour (CNEL), an English edition was also published (Contemporary Migration in Italy. Current trends and future prospects, Nuova Anterem Pub., Rome, September 2003). Moreover, few years later, always in cooperation with IOM, IDOS has edited a book about 60 years of immigration flows in Italy (1951-2011. Migration in Italy between past and future, IDOS Pub., Roma 2012).
From the end of 2002 to March 2014 IDOS was chosen by the Ministry of Interior as technical support of the National Contact Point at the European Migration Network of the European Commission, due to the capacity to gather and analyze information and data on migration and asylum at national level. Twenty-four comparative studies have been uploaded on the EU website www.emn.europa.eu and 3 pilot studies and 7 bilingual reports have been published (last issue: Migrants and social security. Seventh EMN Italy Report, IDOS Pub., Rome, March 2014). An Italian edition of the Emn Glossary on Asylum and Migration has also been finalized in 2011 (Glossario Emn Migrazione e Asilo, IDOS Pub., Rome, July 2011) as well as an Arabic edition in 2013 (IDOS-Sinnos Pub., 2013). For the National Council for Economics and Labour (CNEL), IDOS has implemented an immigration database (CnelStats) and produced a yearly report on Indices of territorial integration of immigrants in Italy, in which, through a system of original indicators and indices, the researchers apply a methodology in order to measure the different levels of social, cultural and employment insertion of foreigners in various regions of Italy. Among the reports uploaded on the website www.cnel.it, the last output is: Cnel, Indici di integrazione degli immigrati in Italia. IX Rapporto, Cnel, Rome, July 2013. Within the same field of research, it is to underline also the report referring to the EU project INTI (bilingual version): IDOS Centro Studi e Ricerche, Measuring Integration. The Italian Case, IDOS Pub., Rome, March 2008. Actually (from January 2016 to January 2018), IDOS is the coordinator for Italy of the eMORE Project.The eMORE Project, co-financed by the European Commission, and implemented in 9 Member States, addresses the need to support the development/improvement of efficient monitoring and reporting mechanisms for online hate speech and hate crime and, in particular, the need to foster the integration between monitoring and reporting tools into a joint innovative knowledge model. Indeed, knowledge is the key-factor to implement efficient/effective multi-stakeholders initiatives to fight back against crime, but currently there is a “chronic lack of reliable and comprehensive data/information on hate crime” (OCSE, 2014). The synergy between monitoring and reporting is, therefore, essential to bridge this gap, and to develop a far-reaching knowledge-based framework.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

IDOS can make available his strong expierence on immigration issues and his great ability in involving people in his own activities.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

IDOS is strongly interested in the activities of ALF Network