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Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY) // Ungdommens Røde Kors (URK)

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Hejrevej 30, 2 sal
2400 KBH NV
+ 45 35 37 25 55
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

DRCY is an independent youth organisation under DRC. DRCY is organized in a number of volunteer-driven steering and thematic committees. The volunteer-driven activities are supported and facilitated by a secretariat, including 18 full-time advisors. The youth volunteers are the core force of the DRCY activities, a concept which underline the capacities of both the volunteers as the staff and their ability to engage support youth in their active involvement as volunteers. Our budgetary resources and sources of funding can be found through the following link: https://issuu.com/ungdommensroedekors/docs/aarsrapport_2015

In our international activities the DRCY acts as one Red Cross society with the Danish Red Cross and our efforts always aim to support the national Red Cross/Crescent partners and other partners to sustainably carry out the work in their own territory.

In addition to local reach, being part of the International Federation of The Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) gives DRCY a global potential. Partnering with the IFRC, our effort to strengthen youth capacity and involvement is global. Aligned with and in support of the IFRC strategy 2020 attention on Youth action, DRCY strive for youth influence and inclusion within the entire Red Cross/Red Crescent movement and beyond.

Mission and Objectives: 

The DRCY work towards supporting the most vulnerable children and youth. This mission stems from the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement:

The 7 fundamental principles of the Red Cross are:

Voluntary service

Since 2008, the international activities of the Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY) have proliferated and grown in several new directions. From a focus on cultural exchange youth programmes, new activities have increasingly engaged in youth-focused development projects, gradually building a competence in working with ever more vulnerable youth groups in Africa, the Middle East, Greenland and Europe
The priorities od the DRCY international activities aims to further expand international activities while developing core competencies in working with the most vulnerable youths and in strengthening youth influence on their own lives, their communities and the global Red Cross Movement. This builds directly on the strategic ambitions in the general DRCY’s Strategy on expanding activities, targeting more vulnerable groups and enhancing quality and social impact of DRCY’s programmes in Denmark and abroad.

The Danish Red Cross Youth apply a holistic approach to enable youth to pursue healthy viable lives and seek influence upon and inclusion within their societies. Doing this, we will advocate for a strengthened attention to youth development, showing that youth can act as key partners in development, if only we invest in their potential.

Main Projects / Activities: 

DRCY has vast experience with the coordination and cooperation with local stakholders and authorities through national activities such as summer camps, mentor projects, telephone hotlines, sport and health projects, support for children at asylum and women crisis centers and so on. DRCY has substantial experience within international projects, dating back to 1986 and currently working on youth projects in Palestine, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Greenland and Europe. Within the technical field of youth work DRCY has a strategic focus on youth engagement and development. DRCY works through a multidimensional approach addressing youth as leaders, as volunteers, and as beneficiaries by employing participatory and evidence-based methodologies. DRCY's core competencies are life skills, peer-to-peer support and gender responses, vital in responding to the needs of young people as volunteers, leaders and beneficiaries. In addition the DRCY has a great deal of experience and expertise in organisational youth development that encourages youth engagement and influence, youth leadership development as well as ensuring a special attention to youth as beneficiaries. In DRCY projects nationally and internationally there is a focus on sustainability of the activities. In Denmark, DRCY has been one of the leading and innovative civil society organizations in collaborating with local authorities. The DRCY also have a yearly Leadership Academy every August with a focus on training International NRCS's in different psychosocial methods. Currently the DRCY is developing g global platform for youth volunteers in which they can find resources, engage in youth dialogue and undergo online training on topics such as Life Skills, Youth Leadership, Psychosocial Support and Innovation in social inclusion work with refugees and migrants.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

At the DRCY we believe that we can contribute to the network with the many years of experience with international youth work as well as with new and innovative ideas and approaches to cooperation across sectors, organisations and institutions.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

It is an important part of the DRCY strategy to broaden the cooperation with other stakeholders in the field of youth, who work in Europe and the Mediteranean. By joining the Anna Lindh Foundation Network the DTCY hopes to broaden the scope of potentiel partners, associated partners and alliances in the global youth work.