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National Network: 
Rruga Pinollopi Pirro, Lagjia 29 Nenori
00355 694050291
Telephone (other): 
00355 685042255
Mobile Phone: 
00355 694050291
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

New Epoch’ organization works with youth and for youth. The centre opened in 2005 to address the need of youth to self organize and to become an active part of their community. Its members are young people of Fier aged from 14 to 30. Youth Parliament of Fier is a structure within the ‘New Epoch’ organization since 2005. Youth Parliament is comprised of elected young Senators elected through democratic elections conducted in these institutions. New Epoch youngsters are active part of different programs and activities such as: peer eduation, environmental protection, advocacy and lobbing campaigns, regional and national debates, etc. New Epoch builds their capacities in informal learning and different trainings, such as: Advocacy and Lobbing, Drafting projects, Conflict Menagement, Public speaking, Human rights, Gender issues, Women equality, etc. 

The organization has a board of directors of five people, the executive director, the staff (5 people) and volunteers.The centre operates in Fier through ongoing partnerships with the local Municipality and other regional organizations.

Funding sources are from different donors: municipality of Fier, SIDA (Olof Palme International Center Program in Balcans, Soros, USAID, etc). We have about 50.000 Euro of budget/year. 

Mission and Objectives: 

The goal of the organization is to aid the processes of social change, development, democratic progress, and improving the life of the community through youth collaboration.

• Making public and supporting the principles, ideas and the advantages of the citizens participation on the country life;
• To increase the capability of the society to reach the equality;
• To increase the level of education for the youth people.
• To encourage the movement of citizens and the initiatives for the community consciences regarding the improvement of the local and central policies of: governing, the environmental issues, people health , youth, woman , vulnerable groups, culture and science;
• To establish a forum for full discussion with all interest subjects;
• To increase awareness and enable the citizens to protect their health in preventing different risky diseases; and to assist the invalid individual or those people suffering from different pathological diseases through facilitating their conditions for a better life and a qualitative social life;

Main Projects / Activities: 

1.  Youth against corruption 2005 UNICEF
2.  Youth Parliament Fier 2006 UNICEF
3.  Election Campaign “Youth Center Fier: ”A Dream that together will realize” 2006 USAID, Partners Albania.
4.  Summer School, August 2007 2007 Fier Municipality
5.  “Participatory budgeting” 2007 Fier Municipality and CoPlan
6.  Preventing  HIV/AIDS- Roma community in Fier 2008-2009 Global Found
7.  Environmental Group Fier 2009 US Ambassy
8.  Sport-Health-Life 2009 UNODC
9.  Youth Agent for Change 2008 -2011 Olof Palme International Centre
10.  Dream and Reality 2010-2011 Soros Albania
11.  House holding Women  2011 Soros Albania
12.  Matura.al  2012 Soros Albania
13.  Apolonia International Students Film Festival 2013 Swedish Institute
14.  Decide together – Empowerment of Citizen Council- Levan  2013 AMSHC
15.  Youth empowerment for a better local decision making 2012-2015   Olof Palme Center
16.  Youth– Police –Community
2014-2015 SACP Program - SIDA
17.  Yes, Youth Can – Youth Advisory groups Fier and Patos 2014-2015 USIAD – ASISST IMPACT
18.  Democratic participation of Young people at local level 2016-2018 Olof Palme Center