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Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació

National Network: 
c/General riera 113
07010 Palma Balearic Islands
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació (Majorcan Fund for Solidarity and Cooperation) is a non-profit-making organization founded by local (town councils, associations of municipalities and the Island Council of Majorca) and regional institutions (Government of the Balearic Islands) in order to coordinate and channel the annual contributions to development cooperation. The 53 municipalities of Majorca, the Government and the Insular Council pay a membership quote every year and the budget of our organization is around 1.100.000 euros.

We are 4 employed and we manage development programmes and raising awarness project in Majorca.

Mission and Objectives: 
  • Manage economical resources through cooperation projects, in order to contribute efficiently to a comprehensive and self-sustainable development for people and communities in the South.
  • Support initiatives from Majorcan institutions and bodies, in order to create, among the citizens, a view that favours a new international economical order.
  • Promote a political and ethical commitment to the South and Human Rights.
  • Stimulate an active and critical participation of population by means of campaigns and awareness activities on cooperation for development.
  • Ensure that the Majorcan institutions allocate at least 0.7% of their budget to developing countries
Main Projects / Activities: 
  • Development cooperation programs in collaboration with municipalities in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Burkina Faso and Morocco.
  • Strengthening links between Majorcan towns and municipalities in the South.
  • Awareness activities in order to promote responsible citizenship, participation and commitment to the fight against poverty and exclusion and the promotion of sustainable human development.
How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The Majorcan Fund can contribute exchanging experiences and join and promoting  project of raising awarness.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We consider very necessary to promote spaces of knowledge, experiences exchange and coordination with other institutions and organizations in the Mediterranean area, even more, because of our condition as islands.
Due to this we really would like to become members of the ALF network
We consider that become members of ALF would be a great opportunity for strengthening our associations, the civil organizations and the local authorities of the Balearic Islands and of the Southern countries, with whom we work.