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Föreningen Framtidståget

National Network: 
Västberga Allé 1a, 9tr
12630 Hägersten
+46 86810584
Mobile Phone: 
+46 720417553
Mobile Phone (other): 
+46 707584886
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Association Framtidståget currently has about 150 members and around 10-12 employees. Our main headquarter dealing with professional and humanitarian work is located in Stockholm, but we also have a branch organization in Larache, Morocco, dealing only with humanitarian work. Our total annual income is around 600 000 EUR. The main resource of it (ca 550000 EUR) is the professional services sold to the Social Service Instituions.

We are a non-profit organization, so the rest of the money goes to our humanitarian work. Moreover, we apply for various fundings for our humanitarian work (annually around 50000 EUR). We have 2 branches of activities. We deal with professional cognitive treatment work, providing psychological help (youth and family treatment) to people with social problems – alcohol and drug addiction, violence in family, discrimination in society etc.

Recently we have also started KBT and 12-step treatment. In the framework of ideal work we organize various social, humanitarian, integration projects (local and international) and provide lectures about democratic principles, recommendations on how to start own organization or association. In Sweden we work closely to Social Service Institution and cooperate with several NGOs, schools, youth recreation centres and mosques. We have a broad network of cooperation partners abroad (mainly in the EU and Morocco).


Mission and Objectives: 

Framtidståget is a non-profit organization, aiming to give people the second or even the third chance. Our philosophy is accepting all people without conditions and prejudgments about their socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and religious background, as well as emphasizing the idea of democratic, tolerant and integrated society. We mostly support youngsters with fewer opportunities (especially those with psycho-social problems) and their families.

Main Projects / Activities: 

In our professional branch we work as therapists meeting youngsters and their families in their everyday life, helping them to develop, to make the relationship in the family better and to adapt to the society around. In our humanitarian work we organize various leisure activities for our clients and members. For example, we invited people for Eid celebration, for a conversation about parents' behaviour in families in Sweden, for a free 3 months education course for Qualified Contact persons, financed some educational courses or helped to find internship for some of our youngsters.

We are also very active in the international level. We work mostly with Youth in Action Programme, sending youngsters and young leaders to ca 10 various project trips a year (e.g. we have stable partners in Baltic countries, Poland, Spain, France, etc.).

We organized one youth exchange about football in Stockholm, are going to have a training course about youth unemployment and a partnership building activity about different religions this year. We started to work actively with EVS projects, both as sending and hosting organization. One of our main EVS partners (already received 9 volunteers and going to receive much more during coming 2 years) is Morocco.

Additional Information: