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forum SKILL

National Network: 
Linnégatan 5
413 04 Göteborg
031-12 14 40
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Forum SKILL is an NGO based in Gothenburg. The number of employees is 30 (2017). The number of staff and budgetary resources available vary depending on the number of projects running. 

Project fundings are received from Arvsfonden, Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalandsregionen, Socialstyrelsen

Other sources of incomes are the sale of products and services such as educational materials, lectures, workshops; also LSS, rehabilitation, work place and language training, and since recently also textile production.

Modalities of actions: education, educational materials, lectures, study visits, creative workshops, Work Integration Social Enterprises, 

The main partners involved in the organization's projects/activities depend on the type of project/activity we run. Some of the main partners involved are Göteborgs Stad, Arbetsförmedlingen, Samordningsförbund, Västra Götalandsregionen,  Coompanion, other social enterprises, other NGO's  such as Hjärnkoll, Frisk & Fri, RFSL, RFSU. We also cooperate with cultural organizations like HDK Valand, Världskulturmuseet, public libraries, also with educational organizations like Göteborg university and studieförbund.   

Mission and Objectives: 

forum SKILL is a resource organisation that runs projects and activities with human rights as a starting point.

Our activities consist of Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE), rehabilitative cultural work and an educational section that offers lectures, workshops and educational material in areas such as social enterprise, work environment, sexuality and functionality.

All our activities aim at increasing  empowerment and meeting challenges in society such as alienation and inaccessibility.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Mamas Retro  consists of two second hand shops in central Göteborg and in Gårdsten. The stores sell children's wear, toys and other articles for children. The stores offer opportunities for empowerment, rehabilitation, language training, work training, competence development and employment for longterm unemployed persons who identify themselves as women. 

Tråd & Trade is a social enterprise in Gårdsten that started in November 2016 together with refugees experienced  in tailoring and textile industry.

Norma is a creative workshop in Göteborg for young women and transgender people aged 18-25 who suffer from mental illness. The project is run by SKILL with the aim of preventing, deterring and dealing with the alienation that can occur in the target group. Norma is an important and real workplace with a focus on empowerment, strength, the individual’s resources and creativity. We want to spread knowledge about mental illness and fight prejudices. We want to bridge the gap between educational, health care and government agencies and form a positive platform for the person behind the diagnosis.

Något har hänt is a project on how to recover from sexual violence and abuse. It targets persons with intellectual disabilities.

Lectures, workshops and tutorial guides on several subjects, such as social enterprise, work environment, love, sexuality and functionality.

Educational materials:

"En helt normal bok" - on the creative workshop Norma, how, what and why, including art works and stories, and tips on useful excercises. 

"Prejudice and Pride" is an educational material aiming at encouraging discussion on norms related to love and sexuality. The materials have been developed together with people who have intellectual disabilities or cognitive difficulties and can be used, for example, in day centres, social enterprises, habilitation, group homes and in education.

"Så funkar sex" (Sex – This is how it works) is an accessible, fun and inclusive educational material about sex, relationships and sexuality for people how have intellectual disabilities and/or other cognitive difficulties. The material consists of four parts: an easy to read fact book, the feature film Om sex (About Sex), the cards Kort om sex (Cards About Sex) and a tutorial guide.

"Trivas på jobbet" (Thrive at Work) is a work book on how we together can accomplish a better work environment. It contains texts and excercises on cooperation, participation and assuming responsibility at work.

"Mitt Livs Affär" - on Mamas Retro, strategies used at work and coworkers' own stories.