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Fryshuset i Göteborg

National Network: 
Mårtendalsgatan 2-8
Box 920 22
12006 Stockholm
+46 (0)8 691 72 21
Telephone (other): 
+46 (0)8 691 7406
Mobile Phone: 
+46 (0)739 50 22 21
Mobile Phone (other): 
+46 (0)739 502 406
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

• Structure, staff Fryshuset is a foundation headed by the YMCA of Stockholm.

Fryshuset is based in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. We have around 500 employees and receive around 40,000 visitors every month.

• Sources for funding Public funding from state and municipalities, grants, endowments and fees for services such as educational and social programs.

• Modalities of action The activities at Fryshuset are divided into three main areas; social projects, education and passionate interests

• Main partners Fryshset has strategic partnership’s in many areas, examples are: international partners, British Council; strategic sponsors, COOP; municipalities, Stockholm stad; non-profit organizations, Rotary; academic institutions, Stockholm University; sport clubs, Human Rights

Mission and Objectives: 

Our vision We enable youth to change the world through their passions Our value statement We listen to what is going on in society and act immediately. We never fear what is new or unknown. We see opportunities and mobilize where other see problems. We experiment, learn and constantly improve our methods. Our point of departure is the needs of the individual.

Our doors are always open for whoever wants to engage and develop whatever the background. We believe in respectful meetings between people where the passion to do something and common interests bridges differences in opinions and leads to common understanding. Our mission We listen to and build relations with youth. Their passions are our point of departure and create communities where youth are heard, listened to and develop. We strengthen their self esteem.

We strive to make youths opinions ideas heard and respected in society. We work with all youth and focus especially on those who live in or are at risk of living in exclusion or destructive lifestyles. We believe that everyone can succeed and deserves another chance.

We provide youth with tools to empower themselves and take power of their future through their inner strengths and motivation. We listen to what is happening and act fast. We see opportunities where others see obstacles. We are brave enough to create change, time after another.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The activities at Fryshuset are divided into three main areas; social projects, education and passionate interests Social projects • CIDES – Centre for information about destructive sub-cultures • Exit • The Easy Street Project • Passus • Mission Possible • Single mothers & Children of single mothers • The Bridge Builders • United Sisters • Elektra & Sharaf heroes & Sharaf heroines • Fryshuset Web Coaches • Job coach • Young-in Education • The Entrepreneurial project • Forum for the Caring • The Fryshus spirit • Fryshuset’s elementary school • Fryshuset high school • Fryshuset’s Knowledge Centre Passionate interests • RML - the Rock Music education • Basketball - 08 Stockholm Human Rights • Southern Basket • F.U.S.E • The Gym • Lovely Days • The Music Department • Evening Courses • Stockholm Skate Park • Theatre Fryshuset • The Wave