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National Network: 
Headquarter / Ramallah 3rd floor/El-Ayyam Buld./ El-Ayyam Street, Betoniya- Palestine
Gaza Branch: Ground floor/ Hijji Building- Haboosh St./ Al.Rimal- Gaza
Palestinian Territory
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Give Palestine is a non-profit, non-governmental, and un-partisan institution, that was established in 2013 by merging Gaza Efforts – 2003 (which was called Give Gaza) and Give Palestine – 2010 to become the only charitable and national institution that operates in the rural areas of Gaza strip, West Bank and Jerusalem districtس on the path of the Israeli settlements and the separation wall.
Give Palestine consist of 11 staff members, Our budget for last year 2015 was $ 406,221 , the sources of funding for give Palestine are local , Arabic and international donors such as ( Bank of Palestine, Paltel group,UNDP,Caritas, Islamic cooperation fund, Opec fund,etc.).The main interventions of the association are development projects in many sectors such as ( Cultural , relief , scholarships ,etc.)

Mission and Objectives: 


Creating and developing new strategy taking into account the needs and experiences of the targeted groups including women and children, to contribute in helping them through building a bright future and adopting purposeful and constructive programs. Thus, building the ability of the Palestinian society to improve its own living conditions. In addition to create networking policy to reach all sectors and groups of society.


To rehabilitate Palestinian children psychologically, socially and culturally.
Helping and empowering poor Palestinian families.
Empowering and building capacities of the Palestinian youth including volunteers.
Achieving a fruitful and constructive networking with the Palestinian NGOs to activate institutional integration between civil society institutions.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Cultural programs:
Establishing and maintaining model libraries for children
Improving and following up existing children libraries
Encouraging Reading Campaigns
Theater bands, Gazelle Family and Mama Kareemeh Family

Relief  program:
Providing poor families and orphans with food parcels in case of wars and disasters, especially during the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the Palestinian camps and villages.
Providing blankets and mattresses.
Providing First-aid equipment.
Providing meals for poor and affected families, and orphans who were displaced by force.
Providing stoves for cooking.
Providing lighting units.
Providing milk for babies.
Organizing free medical days for poor people and orphans, affected by disasters and Israeli aggression.

Main Projects:
1- Solar energy projects for needy families in bordren areas in Gaza strip , funded by Chinese representative in Palestine.
2- Establishing model libraries in Gaza strip , funded by Opec fund.
3- Establishing model libraries in Jerusalem , funded by Australian representative in Palestine

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Give Palestine association will try to be an active member in your network through working closely with ALF partners and participating in its activities in Palestine , in addition to raising awareness about important cultural topics in Palestine

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Based on its vision that concentrate on creating a cultural and social environment that leads to build the coming generations’ capacities on clear national bases , Give Palestine looks for expanding its programs and activities in collaboration with foreign partners to benefit from their experiences and try to participate in cultural exchange programs and study tours.

Additional Information: