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Global Network for Rights and Development

National Network: 
Avda. Cortes Valencianas, 39, 13-C y D
46015 Valencia Valencia
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Global Network for Rights and Development (GNRD) is International NGO established in June 2008 with the aim to enhance and support both human rights and development by adopting new strategies and policies for real changes.

The organization is a not-for-profit association, registered in Spain. Staff in Spain is 6-10 people. Partners in the GNRD network are: GNRD-Norway, GNRD-Belgium, GNRD-Switzerland, GNRD-Austria, GNRD-Jordan, GNRD-Sudan and GNRD-Zambia. The total staff for GNRD is about 60 people.

Average budget for GNRD-Spain is 200.000 - 300.000€.

Sources of funding include donors and public grants.

Actions include: Events, Meetings, Project implementation, Field missions, UN Electoral Process Observer missions.

Partners include public and private entities involved in the same objectives and projects as GNRD, either by partnership or by cooperation agreement.

To these ends, the GNRD as a neutral and impartial organization concentrates on:

enhancing cooperation and partnership between the private and public sector in the academic, technical and political spheres;
providing technical and humanitarian assistance in developing countries;
promoting social justice, conflict mediation, and the application of the rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The GNRD Head Office is situated in Stavanger, Norway, and its branches are located in Austria, Belgium, Jordan, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Zambia.


Mission and Objectives: 

Mission Statement

During this time of globalization and fluidity in communication there is increasing human activity and interchange of worldviews, products, ideas and cultures. It is becoming imperative to ensure the positive utilization of globalization and make it fully inclusive and equitable. GNRD plays the role of a catalyst by extracting the best of today’s international interchange means and by engaging the United Nations and other relevant international institutions for the benefit of the most vulnerable groups and people suffered from crises.

Thus GNRD objectives are:

to contribute to the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders, establish a cooperation and partnership between the private and public sector, on the academic, technical and political spheres in promoting and protecting the human rights and development;
to support and protect the most vulnerable groups and people suffered from humanitarian crises through taking all measures within our power to ensure their well-being and rights to equal opportunities;
to empower youth by means of diverse programs and trainings, along with supporting the GNRD Youth Groups;
to help to alleviate the suffering of individuals trapped in conflicts by providing mediation support when needed in the perspective of a just and lasting peace in accordance with international law and United Nations Standards.
GNRD works on three main segments to reach its objectives:

1. Engaging the UN through advocacy during conferences, with a special focus on the Human Rights Council.
2. International cooperation, humanitarian assistance and development contribution, including promoting technology transfer.
3. Conferences, workshops, formal and informal platforms of dialogue facilitation and moderation worldwide on the questions of peace, human rights, humanitarian aid and development.

GNRD uses the synergy of public-private cooperation and all relevant actors to build sustainable development in post-conflict and developing areas.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Previous activities of GNRD (global) have been focused on:
- Cooperation (League of Arab States, African Union, Human Rights Council, Palestinian Authority, ICC)
- Protection (refugees, infants in Africa (“I have the right to play” in Sudan and Ethiopia), women, workers in slavery conditions, servile marriages, Mediterranean Migrants)
- Empowerment (youth, women), education and training (freedom of speech, capacity building, professional skills)
- Peace (mediation in Syria, defense of Occupied Palestine, supervision of electoral processes in Jordan and Egypt)
- Development (Water resources, natural and cultural heritage)

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Ms. Diana Zarzo
Job Title: 
Director GNRD Spain
Head of the organisation: 
Ms. Diana Zarzo
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Ms. Barbara Ruiz-Bejarano
Job Title: 
Project Manager