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Helsingin sanataidekoulu ry

National Network: 
Koskelantie 11 E 35
00610 Helsinki
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Helsingin sanataidekoulu is a non-governmental organisation that assembles authors, writers and art educators, embedding the literary arts in Helsinki's art education scene. The organisation has about 20 members, who are actively involved in the advancement and promotion of the literary arts in Helsinki. The association organises workshops, courses and projects to advocate stronger dialogue between different socio-cultural groups, supporting and encouraging Helsinki's development to a city that is accommodating and inclusive. The association is funded by different project grants from foundations and organisations, both public and private. 

Mission and Objectives: 

Helsingin sanataidekoulu promotes the literary arts and arts education, and through different projects, seeks to develop methods of community art for the advancement of socio-cultural dialogue. 

Main Projects / Activities: 

Helsingin sanataidekoulu is involved with projects that seek to increase the availability and inclusivity of arts education in Helsinki. It has been working with youth from refugee and asylum-seeker backgrounds, using the literary arts as a way of supporting the development of these youth's voice and agency in the Finnish society. Additionally, the association works to advance the use of literary arts as a method of creating multilngual and -cultural communities. The association is also actively involved in the pedagogigal development of arts education with Finnish universities. Furthermore, Helsingin sanataidekoulu works together with primary and secondary schools, libraries, museums and publishing houses to construct local and national networks for interdisciplinary projects.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Helsingin sanataidekoulu is excited for any national and international partnerships for the realisation of projects that relate to the literary arts, community art, arts education and citizenship education.