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IMPACT - Civil society research and development e.V.

National Network: 
Keithstr. 10 , VH
10787 Berlin
030 92276802
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Citizens for Syria is a civil society organization established in Berlin 2013 with presence in Syria and Turkey. With many years of experience in the Syrian crisis, our team joins both a deep understanding of the Syrian context through long experience with the civil society activities during and prior to the revolution and concrete connections to the international movements and organizations, as well as an academic and professional experience in technical, research and managerial fields.

Citizens for Syria is a catalyst for cooperation and exchange of experiences and information between Syria civil society actors and civil society organizations from around the world. We remove obstacles preventing such cooperating and help forging trust and mutual respect among organizations. To that end, we grow and sustain a network of civil society actors both in Syria and the Euro-med space to support Democracy, Diversity and Development in Syria now and in the aftermath.

Mission and Objectives: 

Democratic and peaceful Syria with a vivid civil society actively participating in the international movements for liberties and peace

Mission :
Citizens for Syria intends to build a network that brings activists and organizations from or interested in Syria in one place to collaborate on projects and exchange knowledge, to support the Syrian people and take a part in a global movement of solidarity.

• Citizenship:  We believe in citizenship as a foundation of equality and active participation to change
• Adherence to the aspirations of the Syrian people: as Freedom, Dignity, Justice
• Solidarity: we express and urge solidarity with all freedom-seeking movements worldwide
• Professional services: we are a group of experts who provide services with the highest standards
• Equality and Inclusion: We will work with all organizations/communities regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender, sect or race
• Transparency and   Accountability: We will ensure the funding we receive is directed towards our actual work
• Credibility: We will not accept any funding/donations from individuals/organizations that undermine our core integrity or principles, or compromise the sincerity or reputation of the organization and representatives
• Partnership: We will only partner with organizations, who share common values and aims
• Non-Discrimination: We will not undertake anything that promotes sectarian, ethnic or religious propaganda whether by individuals or groups

Main Projects / Activities: 

In this continuous study, we provide concrete information about Syrian civil society actors to source individuals and agencies who work in the Syrian context. also mapping on the syrian organizations in germany 
Through our wide database, we directly connect international actors with relevant actors on the ground to achieve the best impact and prevent waste of time and resources.
We provide real time M&E services, field researches and capacity assessments, in order to enhance the transparency and help troubleshooting the work of Syrian & international actors.
We use our accumulative experience and reachable resources to empower the newly growing organizations and support them through the early stages of their work.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

CfS is a networking and research center, we have good access to all syrian organizations in Germany and working on activating the syrian community here, this needs cooperation with the active organizations in germany

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Citizens for Syria was originally  created in the IndignAction conference by ALF in Luxembourg and then was suppose to get funded and supported as a network of civil actors to support the syrian people in the ALF Forum in Marsielle 2013, this didn't happen because of skeptisism by some members

however we're still part of discussions and close to some members of the ALF family and would like to continue networking withing Germany and abroadCf