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8 Paradise Place
North Main Street
Cork Co Cork
00353 86 809 6305
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00353 86 215 7599
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00353 86 809 6305
Mobile Phone (other): 
00353 86 215 7599
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General Information: 

IndieCork is a new organisation, established to hold an annual media arts festival in the city of Cork. It aims to promote the film-making community of Ireland and engage in outreach arts projects which enhance cultural experience and expression.  IndieCork is an independent, community-owned organisation, and as such is concerned with such issues as freedom of speech, creative independence and cultural diversity. It aims to develop a sustainable model of arts provision in Ireland which will promote and protect those values.

Mission and Objectives: 

IndieCork is a limited liability company as an Industrial and provident society. It's members are shareholders and have a direct influence on the strategic creative agenda of the organisation. It is a collectively-run organisation, whose management is chosen by and from its members. IndieCork has no full time paid employees, though its managment committee are highly experienced in festival production at an international level.

IndieCork is currently not a recipient of state support. It's main sources of revenue are shareholder's subscriptions, tickets, advertising and a local sponsor. It has  received support  from the Goethe Institute and the American Embassy to Ireland. It's turnover was roughly €40k in its first year.

In it's first year IndieCork has worked in partnership with Hamburg Film Festival, The Lux Prize (European Parliament Competition), Mental Nord (Nordic Short Films) and local organisations such as the Cork Film Centre and the Guesthouse Arts Centre.

Main Projects / Activities: 

IndieCork's main event is an annual film and media arts festival, which is to take place each autumn in the city of Cork. This event includes film screenings, musical performances, practical media workshops, art installations and exhibitions. The event worked closely with local film-makers and musicians, many of whom have become members of this self-sustaining creative community.

The first festival specialised in international and Irish short films, 'indie' and experimental music performances and collaborations with other visual and performance arts (programme is attached). IndieCork has also contributed programmes of films to Glasgow Film festival and the Liverpool Irish festival, and as a core strategy envisages considerably more partnership projects in the future.


How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

IndieCork already has a strong connection with local, national and international artsists, particularly but not exclusively in the field of cinema. This network may provide the basis for valuable partnership relations between member organisations. As IndieCork's strategy is established by its members and not its funders, it is able create and respond to imaginative cultural projects of all kinds. Though its financial resources may presently be limited, its access to the arts community, both in ireland and abroad, would have enormous potential for the ALF network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

IndieCork is a non-heirarchical organisation which, if it is to reach its own potential, needs to wrk in partnership with other organisations, and it is particularly well suited to engaging with those with a social agenda. As a new organisation it is important to form strong working relationships with other partners, and membership would allow us to develop in these areas at a wider level than present. It will also enable IndieCork to develop long-term sustainable projects with partners that share our social and collective ethos.

Additional Information: