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Individuell Människohjälp (IM) Lokalföreningen Göteborg

National Network: 
Andra Långgatan 19
41328 Göteborg
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

IM is a development organisation fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion. The organisation was founded in 1938 and is currently working in five regions and twelve countries worldwide.

IMs international work focuses on people´s right to education, good health and ability to sustain a life in dignity. All projects are implemented in close collaboration with local partner organisations.

IM also work in Sweden, focusing on integration and inclusion into society.

The strengthening of civil society is both a means and an objective in all activities.

Mission and Objectives: 


A just and compassionate world We want to create a world free from poverty and exclusion. A world where all individuals´rights are provided for and their involvement is safeguarded. We want to generate development that is sustainable from a social, financial and environmental perspective - both for the individual and for the society.


Fighting poverty and exclusion Our work internationally concentrates on people´s rights to education, to good health and to support themselves. Our projects are implemented in close collaboration with local organisations. Our work in Sweden involves integration an inclusion in society. Strengthening civil society is both a means and an objective in all our activities.

Long-term objective

For people living in poverty and exclusion throughout the world to have improved abilities to claim their economic, social and cultural rights and thereby enhance their ability to sustain a life in dignity.

Main Projects / Activities: 

In Sweden: Integration

Groups that are excluded from the Swedish society due to ethnicity should be included in the community and be able to take an active role in society.

By bridging linguistic and cultural barriers, creating platforms for interaction and dialogue and providing psychosocial support, IM increases opportunities for otherwise excluded individuals or groups.

Motivating and involving members and volunteers in this work is indispensable. They are not only a resource in terms of manpower but also an essential part in reaching the goal of inclusion through their commitment and interaction with participants in our activities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Compassion since 1938

IM was founded in 1938 as a reaction to National Socialism, hatred and violence that spread in Europe at the time and in defence of the inherent value of each individual. Working with refugees in war-torn Prague, IM emphasised the importance of approaching each person’s needs holistically.

Since the start, we have seen poverty as multi-dimensional and encompassing material and physical as well as social and spiritual needs. The various dimensions of poverty may mutually reinforce one another.

IM will be able to contribute with perspectives on integration efforts in Sweden as well as experience from involving members and volounteers in our work. IM Lokalföreningen Göteborg has nearly 800 members and a wide network of almost 500 volunteers, engaging in different activities together with newly arrived immigrants.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We would like to broaden our network with local, national och international actors working with similar issues that we do in Gothenburg; integration, participation (local democracy) and human rights in order to exchange experience and knowledge.

Depending on the outcome of our membership (as IM Lokalföreningen Göteborg), Individuell Människohjälp (national organisation) will consider a full membership.