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National Network: 
Vas. Voulgaroktonou 23, 402 00
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Folklore - Archeological Elassona Association, which was founded in 1977, in the town of Elassona, is a cultural society, non-profit with a multi-faceted, remarkable activity in Greece and abroad. It currently has 250 members.
Commanded by 7 administrative members (elected every two years), which meets regularly to decide on all affairs.
The areas of the club would break out in the following sections:
1. Studies and Publishing
2. Buildings and Folklore material
3. Traditional dances - traditional costumes
4. Music
5. Public - international relations
6. Events in local societies
7. European Programs

Mission and Objectives: 

Proceedings published unreleased tracks in the region of Mount Olympus.
Organizers festival dances in Elassona.
Competitions lectures on folklore, scientific, social, cultural interest and awareness events to social problems and issues of our time.
Organisation of Painting and Photography.
Establishment and organization and anniversary celebrations in Elassona.
Study visits to selected sites and tourist sites, for members of the association.
Continuous collaboration with municipalities - communities, cultural organizations and other agencies and municipal enterprises culture a Thessaly area.

Main Projects / Activities: 

-Participation in the European programme «Youth for Europe» with participation in informal meetings and exchanges of young people - members of the group, aged 15 to 30 years, in European countries.
Shares in major European educational programmes.
-The dancing group, which started its operations in 1978 and is regarded as one of the best-known of Thessaly, with international recognition. It presents traditional dances from all parts of the Greek region and indeed to the region, Elassona and Olympus. Hundreds performances have made the group known in Greece and abroad, and has been recognized by flattering reviews of the specialists and many awards, representing and delivering the Greek “colours”. Indicatively, has visited countries Spain (8 times), Belarus (2 times), Bulgaria (2 times), Portugal (2 times), Italy (3 times), Germany (3 times), Denmark, Sweden, Russia, France, Austria, Yugoslavia, Belgium (2), Turkey, etc.
-A tutorial traditional dances of our country to people aged 7 to 80 years
-Organization of culture events.