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Mångkulturellt centrum (MKC) - The Multicultural Centre

National Network: 
Mångkulturellt centrum
14785 TUMBA
08-120 25 906
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Multicultural centre - MKC, is a foundation, partly founded by the Botkyrka Municipality, partly by funds generated by join parnterships with other organisations, universities and colleges, as well as from revenue from selling trainings and workshops in our fields of expertise to organisations.

Currently the centre has 34 staff working in areas ranging from education, training and research, to exhibitions, curators, artists and pedagogues. The staff also includes librarians, a communications team, fully serviced restaurant with chefs, janitors, administrative staff and our shop assistant.

We function as an open cultural house with public free spaces and specific events, 6 days a week, we regularly hold seminars and open lectures on topics pertainng to migration, racism, diversity and culture. We also put a lot of work in our different research projects and collaborations with other organizations, such as a project with Teskedsorden and The Anna Lindh Foundation/Världskulturmuseerna.

Mission and Objectives: 

The multidisciplinary research profile with an emphasis on ethnography, makes The Centre a forum and a meeting place for research and artistic expressions focusing on migration as well as on social and cultural diversities for a sustainable society.

The desire is to actively promote a favorable social climate and to increase the knowledge about the new conditions for the Swedish society and Swedish institutions that follow in the wake of migration and globalization in the form of research, documentation and education.

We lead processes in inclusion and diversity initiatives, assisting private sector, public, and civil society in improving their organizations. The Multicultural Centre is a municipal foundation engaged in research, education and cultural activities. The ambitions and goals of the Centre is to study and promote a society where diversity is reflected in the Swedish national self-image and identity, where migration is a natural part of the Swedish cultural heritage.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Research: Researcher stationed at the Multicultural Centre, and tied to main colleges and universities

- Education: Offering lectures, seminars, interactive workshops and consultations for organizations and companies who want to improve their work on diversity and inclusion, fight racism and offer an equal and equitable workspace and society.

- Exhibition: Currently the quite controversial exhibition "International psychosis!" shedding light on the current migration, on societal challenges and the everyday racism that is to be found in Sweden and Europe.

- Library: Focusing especially on books pertaining to migration, cultural heritage, colonialization, racism, social sustainability, norms, diversity and inclusion.

- International and national collaborations, main part of unesco-lucs, ENAR, ICC etc.

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