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M@M o.z.

National Network: 
Slovak Republic
J. Mazúra 26
Organisation Type: 
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Since 2008 we exist as a civic non-profit organization in Martin, Slovakia. We work with volunteers. We dont have employes right now.
Our budged doesnt usually exceed 25000 Eur per year.
Our sources of funding: Government and local grants, Visegrad grant, European grants
We already organized plenty of projects focused on importing artists from all over the Slovakia an Europe into our region. (international jazz festival Jazzalife, all year seasons of art/music activities,..)
Our main partners now are Ministry of culture SR, Visegrad Fund, Town of Martin.

Mission and Objectives: 

Non-profit organization M@M o.z. was found in 2008 by group of artists, cultural and technical managers, as a reaction of the insufficient development of cultural offer in Martin town. Despite this fact Martin town is officialy provide in Slovak Constitution as „The capital“ of Slovak culture.
We become cultural alternative for the audience not only from Martin, but also from the whole region of Central Slovakia with an objective to prepare a professional opened cultural space focused on a high purpose art. We support artists across various artistic disciplines, such as performing arts (music, theatre, film), literary arts, media and digital arts, interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary arts.
Mission Statement:
To promote the creation, performance and distribution of the arts in region of Central Slovakia. Our objectives are awarding arts grants, providing arts services, coordinating arts advocacy, and generally promoting appreciation and participation in the arts.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Every year we aplly for projects to ministry of culture and Visegrad fund. Projects are planned to import musicians and artist from all over the Europe so we can confront our arts and skills. We try in these project to create common platform for both, Slovak and Europeans artists.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

What we can offer is that we have quite goot overview in slovak culture, so we can recommend and manage to other istitutions in ALF what is the best what the Sovak Republic have in its arts.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Our goal is to have more posiibilities to import culture in our region.