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National Foundation for Civil Society Development

National Network: 
Štrigina 1a
10000 Zagreb
+385 (0)1 23 99 100
+385 (0)1 23 99 111
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The National Foundation is the leading public institutions for the cooperation, linking and financing of civil society organisations in Croatia, which has held the internationally recognised HRN ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the management of the process of grant allocation to associations since 2006.

Mission and Objectives: 

The mission of the National Foundation is to promote and support civil society development in Croatia.

Through its activities the National Foundation strives to achieve active citizenship in the development of a modern, democratic and inclusive society in the Republic of Croatia.

Goals that the National Foundation aims to achieve through its activities are:

Encouraging citizens to action, involvement and participation in community development;
Building the capacities of civil society;
Development of cross-sectoral cooperation and cooperation between civil society organisations;
Increasing public influence and visibility of the work of civil society organisations;
Development of social entrepreneurship and employment in the non-profit sector;
Increasing the influence of civil society in the process of adopting public policies.

The values on which the vision of the National Foundation and its goals are based are: respect for human rights, the public nature of its work, the responsibility of all participants in the development of the community, cooperation and dialogue between all participants in the development of society, availability of information, tolerance and respect for variety and non-violence.

Main Projects / Activities: 

By calls for expression of interest in cooperation with civil society organisations and other legal entities, the National Foundation performs a part of its operational activities through a joint implementation of research, support in the implementation of non-profit media projects, exchange of knowledge by co-financing participation of civil society organisations’ representatives in international events and the arrival of international experts to Croatia, as well as the implementation of international developmental aid by which civil society organisations from Croatia transfer their knowledge and experience to partner organisations in developing countries.