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Open Space Consulting AB

National Network: 
Pensévägen 4
43446 Kungsbacka
+46 709989781
Mobile Phone: 
+46709 989781
Organisation Type: 
Private Company
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Thomas Herrmann is the only person employed in the Company as it works with/in networks in Sweden and globally. Thomas is a co-owner of The Genuine Contact Program, together with 40 international collegues.
The Company is funded by offering/selling services to mainly public organizations in the Nordic countries, occasionally in other parts of the World.

Mission and Objectives: 

Open Space Consulting AB works to release power in people, organizations and society

Main Projects / Activities: 

Open Space Consulting AB is a small company connected to global networks. We facilitate learning and transformation in people, organizations and society. For optimal performance we all have to be in health and balance. This goes for people as well as organizations. Not to forget – consultants. The blueprint for health and prosperity is already there so what we do is to open space for it to emerge.

When space is opened for creativity and inspirited interchange the results are stunning. Through true participation changes are initiated from within the organization whilst the whole potential is taken into account.

Open Space Consulting was the first company in Sweden to offer The Genuine Contact™ program. The purpose of the program is to develope skills within organizations to create and sustain health and balance. This means also tapping into the actual potential – performance is improved dramatically.

Thomas Herrmann is dedicated to contribute in the spreading of knowledge and skills around the program and the basis for its development – Open Space Technology, in Sweden and the world. He has been involved in several national and international conferences both as organizer, faclilitator and participant. Thomas is offering trainings on Open Space Technology and the other components of The Genuine Contact™ program on regular basis.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

I am willing to contribute and share my knowledge regarding organizational development and all related areas on a local and/or global level

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

The values we work from are a perfect match to the ones expressed by the ALF Network. The more organizations that work together to create a better world, the earlier we will succeed!

We have been participating in several of the actiities organized by ALF in Sweden and we are interested to deepen our involvement, to make a greater difference.