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National Network: 
1 Cosán Cúil
Cloughjordan Tipperary
Organisation Type: 
Individual Person
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

REgeneration is a sole-trader company, with collaborations between a number of practitioners and organisations in Ireland, and internationally. REgeneration provides facilitation, training and project development in the youth and community sectors, with a focus on social inclusion, climate justice, youth participation and non-formal education. As a new enterprise, budgetary resources are limited and sources of funding include training and facilitation fees received on a project bases. Partners include Comhlamh, National Youth Council of Ireland and Léargas at a national level, along with Mish Madrasa (Egypt), GREAN Palestine and SCI Jordan. 


Mission and Objectives: 

REgeneration is committed to creating and supporting global education programmes for young people that allows them to understand the complex and interconnected world we live in, to critically engage with challenging issues, and to acquire the skills, attitudes and understanding needed to respond to these challenges. REgeneration believes the enormous challenges presented by climate change, global conflict and social inequality require radical approaches to education in the youth and community sector, and that there must be a focus on marginalised individuals and communities, and the harder-to-reach voices to create a sustainable and equitable approach.

REgeneration is based in Ireland, but working in collaboration with partners around Europe and the Middle East (specifically Palestine, Egypt and Jordan). The objectives of REgeneration include:

• To promote a new approach to climate justice education within the Development Education and Youthwork sectors in Ireland and internationally;
• To facilitate connections and exchange in the Non-Formal Education / Youthwork sphere between organisations in Ireland / EU and the Euromed region;
• To create opportunities for global education projects between Ireland / EU and Euromed Region countries.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Specific projects in 2015 have included training course delivery for the European Commission agency in Ireland for European volunteers, mentoring support given to an alternative education centre in Cairo, Egypt, and a collaboration with a community-based group, to bring community activists from Palestine to Ireland on an educational exchange. Later in the year, REgeneration will collaborate on further NFE training courses in Europe, as well as a specialised training course in NFE and Youthwork in Jordan in November 2015 (subject to funding).

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Training / Facilitation; Contacts in the Euromed Region; practical knowledge and experience of working on Sustainable Development and NFE in Ireland and the Euromed region. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

I think there is a natural connection between the work of REgeneration and the ALF. As REgeneration is a new entity, it can really benefit from the connection and support of the ALF, but also contribute a huge amount with regards to ideas and resources for growing the work of ALF in Ireland.