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National Network: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía is a non-profit Social Cooperation Organization created in 1996 with the aim of working towards the eradication of poverty.

From that same year until today, SIA has gone through multiple situations and carried out many different types of actions. A large number of International Cooperation projects have been carried out, together with our local organizations from the countries where we are working, projects that have benefited thousands of men, women, and children from different contexts.

In this sense, since our birth, we have been working in different societies in the South since we started, such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Senegal or Mali; as well as two emblematic areas as the Saharawi Refugee Camps and Palestine. In all of them, our priorities have been the fight against injustice, the defense of human rights, the search for gender equality, the defense of the environment and the fight against climate change, all through cooperative work and jointly with our partner organizations in each of the regions mentioned.

Apart from our specific projects in International Cooperation, we also participate in rapid emergency response to catastrophes and Humanitarian Action projects, focusing on prevention and post-disaster recovery.

The creation of a critical citizenry, capable of mobilizing against the causes that cause poverty, is another of the pillars of our work. For this, Education for Development plays a fundamental role in achieving this goal, becoming an instrument of struggle, with interventions in education regulated as non-regulated, and that along with social mobilization is one of our most recognized signs .

Training, as an instrument for social change, has been in all these years the source in which all our activity is reflected. The acquisition of knowledge makes us stronger, more supportive and more combative.

In short, Solidaridad Internacional Andalucía is a social organization that works together and in networks with other organizations in the search for and attainment of a fairer and more solidary world.

Mission and Objectives: 


The fight against all causes that cause poverty, solidarity work with all social and civil organizations that want to participate in this enormous task, the search for equality, respect for human rights and social justice; putting nature and the right to enjoy it for all citizens at the center of our lives and contribute to a more livable world, where the interests of the vast majority deprive the interest of a few.


Being an organization with solid Andalusian foundations and, therefore, with deep multicultural commitments, with a clear desire to be, along with our sister organizations of International Solidarity, a referent at the level of the whole Spanish State for the achievement of equality, respect for nature and be an effective instrument to end all the causes that make this world, an unequal, unjust and deeply unsupportive world.


SIA is a secular and non-partisan organization whose origin is based on and is influenced by the social struggles of the people against all kinds of oppression and inequality.
The formation and the promotion of critical awareness among the citizens remains a fundamental pillar in our work.
Our actions start from the identification of the great inequality and the imbalance between countries, people and sectors, advocating the total elimination of the causes that cause these inequalities.
We conceive of democracy as a permanent and continuous act of participation by the population in all activities that concern it.
We define and apply resilience as the engine of change of local and global realities.
We feel completely committed to the defense of the environment and to the struggles against the causes that are causing climate change.
We define ourselves as an organization with a high level of feminist awareness and we bet on the equal participation of women in all the processes that we carry out.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Cooperation and Aid Action

Education for Development: mainly focusing in intercultural projects

Training and Research about Local Resilience

Local service to inmigrants