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Town of Radomsko

National Network: 
Tysiaclecia Street 5, 97 - 500 Radomsko
+48 (44) 685 45 10
48 (044) 685 45 13
Organisation Type: 
Local/Regional Authority
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

The Town Hall is an institution which carries out the tasks defined by the City Council and duties provided by law. The Town Hall is responding the needs of Radomsko inhabitants. In the developing world, oriented on common aims, needs and initiatives, Town Hall organizes international cooperation, and gathers the European citizens on common ideas.
Number of staff employed in City Hall is approximately 150. Various activities are carried with close cooperation with numerous institutions and organizations, including Public Library, Town Center of Culture, Museum, non-governmental organizations and others.
Annual budget of Radomsko is 317.693.640 PLN. These founds come from incomes determined in relevant law acts as commune incomes - subventions from the state budget, local taxes, specific subsidies of own tasks and the tasks commissioned to the commune from the government administration as well as European and governmental funds.
Since 2008, Town Hall is organizing international events for inhabitants in which citizens from different countries (twin cities or associated) can take part: workshops, debates, conferences, study visits, concerts, presentations, sport activities etc.
Participants exchange experience, discuss, make friendships, develop the cooperation and strengthen the partnership. Actions are opened for all inhabitants, number of them confirms the need.
Every year, are also organized visits at the civic level, between the mayors of twin cities. It gives, the great opportunity to maintain relation and point new directions.

Mission and Objectives: 

Radomsko City Hall is a budget authority and organizational unit, by which Mayor is realizing common public tasks, as well as the governmental administration tasks resulting from acts and agreements with other individuals of the civil service. Main mission of Radomsko City Hall is to promote and implement measures to ensure the sustainable development of the city and the standard of living of people in safe, friendly and efficient way.
Municipality is realizing the rule of self – autonomy which origin is to provide collective and individual satisfaction of inhabitants. In own actions municipality is guided by principles of legalism, transparency, reliability, appropriateness and economies.
Duties of the municipality are the activities of a particular:
-Social (health care, welfare, public education, disseminating culture, development of physical culture and tourism, care of public order and safety of citizens, pro-family policy)
-Infrastructure (care of ensuring the spatial order, protection of environment and nature, commune roads, etc.)
-Promotional (supporting and popularizing the self – governmental idea, promotion of the commune, interaction with non – governmental organizations, as well as local and regional communities of other states).

Main Projects / Activities: 

Radomsko realizes many Project In cooperation with international partners that refers to intercultural dialog In many aspects of understanding. Our aim is to show many dimensions of this dialog and look for most possible ways of communication.
1. Family Matters Project is concerned with the influence of emigration and immigration on communities and families, the role of volunteering in supporting families, the accessibility of services for children, the work of selected youth representatives, best practices and various methods which could be used by every local government.
2. „Golden ideas for creativity” - the objective of project is to create capabilities of cooperation and participation in building more opened Europe through tightening contacts and mutual understanding. This will be provided by forum for discussion about various aspects of creativity of cities shaped by activity of their inhabitants. The two-day conference consists from plenary part with general speeches of invited guests, as well as workshop part in four thematic groups. Project will allow to exchange experiences between cities representing.
3. Twin Towns in Action – the main purpose of the project was to promote activeness as a one of the most important aspect of living on the local and European level. Our aim was to promote activeness among European citizens, involving the local community considered on two fields: personal and social.
4. "Key to Identity" - project is directed to 50 people represents of different areas of activity (egg. authority, institution, ngo's). Project is aimed on building common European identity on local level and active citizenship participation. So, we will concentrate on our experience in EU, our potential and new possibilities to cooperate. The project provides four-day event relating to the main theme, which is building sense of European community.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Thanks to five years of active cooperation and work on intercutural dialog In many dimension we hale many importand achievements and best practises that might be shared. All involved parters are very keen to further actions on many fields – education, culture and art, citizenship and social issues. All of that we could contribute to ALF Network.

What is more in 2011 Radomsko started cooperation with Israeli town Kiryat Bialik. That cooperation have deep background in history. Before II World War Radomsko was a almost 50% of Jewish population living there. Many aspects of local culture has Jewish root. Today we also celebrate this aspect of town’s historical integrity by organizing in egg. Jewish Culture Days. Now having Israeli partner we would like to start new chapter in Polish-Jewish relations locally. Remembering and inspired by the history we would like to look in the future and built it together. For that we invitied young people. They started to cooperate with Kiryat Bialik schools and prepare coomon projects that could be realized soon. We think that these activities developed consequently might be valuable contribution to the ALF Network here in Poland.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

All the projects already taken by the Town of Radomsko concerning international and twin cooperation prove our determination to maintain and develop multicultural dialog. We cooperate and realize common activities with many countries – Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Republic of South Africa. We consider the impact of this cooperation and realize that make our inhabitant more open. We also find inspiration for future activities as well as solution for current problems. During organized conferences, meetings, artistic events and education projects we touched many local and global problems which we would like to share and develop in the Network. We are orientated to spreading our partners network to enrich it and achieve synergy effect. That makes us useful to the ALF Network as well as gives us chance to use it for further development.