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Trag crveno-slobodni pokret / Trail of red -free movement

National Network: 
Domjanićeva 22
Mobile Phone: 
Mobile Phone (other): 
+ 385-092-2927506
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Trag crveno-slobodni pokret/Trail of red -free movement is a non-profit NGO for multimedia and art productions,artistic cultural development and promotion of citizens in a society without racial,age,gender and social discrimination.NGO managed the Director.The main decision making the Assembly.The Director nominates deputy.
Financial operations of the NGO works under the National Financial Law for NGO sector.Person-artists work on projects through signed contracts.Budgetary resources per year is 35.000 euro.Sources of funding are budget of the Republic-Croatian Ministry of Culture,Municipal City of Zagreb,private donations,membership fees,sponsors.NGO primarily have artistic activity,performances and art exhibitions,publishing and multimedia promotions.
During last years organized forty theater performances of various productions in Croatia and neighboring countries as Bosnia and Serbia.Cooperate with professional theaters,participate in theater festivals and cabaret festivals. Helps young unestablished students acting schools and academies to gain practical knowledge and encouragement for the lifestyle in the cultural sphere.

Mission and Objectives: 

Trag crveno-slobodni pokret / Trail of red -free movement is a voluntary, independent, non-profit and non-partisan of citizens who, on the principles of learning multimedia (theater, film, music and art) and art productions wants to contribute artistic cultural development and promotion of citizens in a society without racial, age, gender and social discrimination.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Shows,entertainment and programs:Distinguished guests,comedy;Kosta cabaret,cabaret;A story about friendship,children's educational performance;
Books, E-edition:Basically already seen,Igor Rogina,writer;Survival is the Igor Rogina, writer;Maja&Wool,Tihomir Dunđerović writer;Ulaner,Viktor Pucko;Journalism on the environment,Ljiljanka Mitos Svoboda,journalist,publicist;Memories of theater and film life of an actress, Igor Rogina, writer

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We can contribute by sharing informations of ALF Network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Joint to ALF Network is very important for future activities of our NGO, because we need more exchange information, practice, personal experiences, new ideas, cooperation with Mediterranean countries in Europa and North Africa.