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Tunisian Association for supporting the cultural equilibrium between regions

National Network: 
Rue 02 Mars 1934 Elkasbah
+ 216 97 052 967
Telephone (other): 
+ 216 22 668 200
Mobile Phone: 
+ 216 97 052 967
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

an association directed by a group of experts from different fields (law, arts, investment, public markets...) (7 members).
sources of funding from Gov and International organisations,
projects are to be prepared during Jan 2012.

Mission and Objectives: 

Help support the national effort to create a balance between cultural regions particularly disadvantaged regions, levels of production and consumption of cultural goods and attract the private sector and cultural creators to participate in support programs prepared this.
- Enter into partnerships with associations and similar institutions at national and international levels to achieve the desired balance in the launch activities, workshops and training sessions in various fields of creative arts.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Is to find specificities of each Region in Tunisia, especially poor regions, and then to find ways to how explore monuments, heritage and make them them a source of income.