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Tura Union Club

National Network: 
Tura Boy's Secondary School
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

structure of organization:
Foundation, an NGO concerned with aspects of cultural, educational and sports for youth sectors, registered in the Ministry of Youth and Sports/ Palestinian under NO. 533, most of the members of educators and intellectuals, volunteers, and has no official positions.
Elections are held every two years , the number of board members are 9 members
Budgetary resources .
Sources of support based on the affiliations of the plenary and some assistance from the civil institutions and some of the projects carried out in the club, and there is no stable source of support.
Sources of funding.
1 - community
2 - member affiliations
3 - assistance from non-governmental institutions
Modalities of action .
youth working together for change
Education for Democracy and Human Rights
Scout camps
Educational seminars, health and environmental
Educational and social research
Educational projects
Main partners
Center for development work / together - Ramallah
World Vision

Mission and Objectives: 

objectives of the club:
1- Development of talents and skills of the youth groups.
2- Development of talent and technical skills and cultural groups of youth.
3- to provide all possible facilities for the club.
4- Strengthening social ties in the village.
5- Active participation in all forums and public events and private.
6- Building the characters sound physically and mentally to be on the level of responsibility.
7- Communication and overlap with public and private institutions of prestige and progress for the club.
8- help youth groups in various fields, according to the available resources.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Youth working together for change:
This project started in 2007 until now, and we work as follows
1- math: We provide the support and assistance to young people in dealing with mathematics as a meaningful and not just as a subject, through the development of modern methods of teaching.
2- Arabic language: a focus on the possession of language students well away from a classroom.
3- sport: the development of mathematical skills to the younger generation.
4- drama corner: focus on acting and theater and other technical aspects
5- life skills: to have good communication and deal with the developments of life in the process, and the ability to develop a vision to solve some community problems
Education for Democracy and Human Rights
This project has been this year and aims to develop the skill of youth groups in community building and real participation in all challenges wich faces community , in addition to the clear understanding of their role in society and their rights and their duties.