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Turkey Disable's Education and Solidarity Foundation OZEV

National Network: 
Fatih Caddesi, Tepebasi Gucsuzler Yurdu Kampusu, 06290
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

The Turkish Education and Solidarity Foundation for Disabled Persons (OZEV) was established by the families of disabled persons on 19th of June 1994 in Turkey.
Its main responsibility areas are to provide education, health, social rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities and their families.
OZEV aims at finding solutions to basic problems of persons with disabilities by providing education, creating a social environment and ensuring their adaptation to social life.
OZEV has adopted the following motto, which is “All persons with disabilities have the same rights as non-disabled people have in society.”

Mission and Objectives: 

OZEV has implemented those activities:
 To promote the human rights of persons with intellectual disabilities.
 To promote independent living for persons with disabilities by providing care, occupational and social rehabilitation.
 To arrange awareness raising activities
 To be involved in the projects at national, European, and international levels.
 To provide advisory services regarding opening special education schools, therapy centres, courses, relaxation centres, resource institutes, social activities, sports clubs, guest-houses, production centres, and workplaces for disabled persons.
 To train special education teachers by providing in service training programmes
 To establish guidance and rehabilitation units for the families of disabled persons
 To provide advisory services to the families of children with disabilities.
 To establish social institutions to provide the members and charter members unity with financial assistance.

Main Projects / Activities: 

see above

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

EU Funded Projects
- The project GENTI is about ensuring active and full integration of persons with
intellectual disabilities in the labour market in Turkey by applying a new innovative
model transferred by Italy.
- School for all: working together to improve the quality of inclusion of children
and young people with a disability project has been implemented to improve the
quality of life for disabled children and their families, and to promote a better social
cohesion and solidarity.
- International Knowledge Bridges project focuses on disseminating good practice to
discuss and deliver solution to the problems of persons with disabilities at the
European level.
International Organisations Funded
- The computer courses for the youngsters with disabilities has been carried out
within the framework of the World Bank Project. After 3 months of training, they
were certificated.
National Funded Projects
- The Disability Rights project focuses on promoting of the human rights of persons
with disabilities by conducting media campaign to ensure full participation of persons
with disabilities in community.

- Kecioren Disability Survey for he first time was conducted in 2004 in Kecioren
Municipality in Ankara in order to deliver effective services to persons with disabilities.
- Disabled and elderly care workers training project has been conducted. In the
wake of completing the training programme, the trainees numbered 600 have been
provided work placements.
- Workplace Adaptation project was conducted to change negative attitudes of
employers towards employees with disabilities by overcoming their widespread
prejudices against persons with disabilities.
- First Step for Couples Project has been carried out so as to provide counselling and
training course on sexual reproductive health for 20.000 prospective couples who have
applied for marriages in the municipalities.
- No Limits Project has been implemented in order to accelerate the civil society
dialogue in the field of disability.
- Social Consciousness Project has been conducted by arranging conferences in many
cities of Turkey with the rhetoric of ¡§The real handicap is ignorance¡¨ to promote
active and full participation of persons with disabilities in community. Within the
context of the project, the knowledge levels of families, disabled persons, experts from
civil society organisations and public institutions were increased about Turkish
Disability Act and Human Right Treaties.
- Short Story Competition is arranged every year to raise awareness on the problems
of the youngsters with disabilities. The selected stories have been awarded.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To collaborate mobilization, empowerment of civil society and develop intercultural dialogue.

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