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Turkey Youth Federation

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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Turkey Youth Federation was founded with the name “Youth Federation” on 12th April 2004 by youth associations from different provinces, which have the same objectives and then the Federation was given right to use the word “Turkey” by Ministry of Internal Affairs on 28th July 2006.

Mission and Objectives: 

*To ensure organization of children and youth in legal personalities (association, federation, confederation, council) and to ensure them to come together and participate in processes of counseling, decision-taking, administration and execution with the understanding of equality,
*To inquire the problems related to health, social security, economy, education, family and other issues together and produce solutions together,
*To contribute to increasing social awareness on human rights and children rights issues,
*To ensure children and youth to communicate and cooperate with public, local, private and voluntary institutions in an organized way,
*To establish communication and coordination between member associations, which aim to develop and improve the policies related to children and youth
*To represent the members in relations with higher national or international units.

Main Projects / Activities: 

*Turkey is our House
Since the date of foundation, the Federation has adopted the concept of “Turkey is our House” as the main principle and has always given importance to correspondence and one-to-one discussions, while carrying out the works in corporation and cooperation with public and local administrations, private and voluntary institutions and higher units of these institutions.
Concerning particularly children and youth issues, Turkey Youth Federation has strengthened its communication with public institutions, trade unions, trade bodies, associations, foundations and their higher units day by day by working in corporation and cooperation with them, as its main principle requires, and it has not organized any field meeting and action and at the same time has not even participated in the ones, which have been organized in accordance with the law and does not include violence.