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Tűzraktér Independent Cultural Center –Art Sector Foundation

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Art Sector Foundation- H-1087-Budapest, Százados út 3-13
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

The T?zraktér Independent Cultural Center’s background foundation is called Art Sector Foundation. In the inner staff is working 6 people. In the bigger staff there is 4 more people working. We have some voluntaries. The members of the T?zraktér group mostly are doing voluntary job. Our budget is based on the tendering operation, the cultural supports .The enormous Art factory is a meeting point of various types of cultural events, workshops, short and long art projects with a lot of partners, as civil organizations, theaters, embassies, art centers, etc.
dramatic performances, exhibitions and even more.
We have opened exhibitions, concerts and theatre shows every day, and we constantly try to keep them free for the public.
The T?zraktár also contains a bar & garden open from 5pm-3am.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our mission is to give place artists to work, to give possibilities for creating new and alternative special art. We support young artists in every type of art, we make art workshops for children. We make festivals, and in the summer period we have different cultural programs every day, which are free or almost free for the people.
We invite artist from different countries every year, for concerts, literal performances, exhibitions or workshops.

Main Projects / Activities: 

T?zraktér has one of the biggest gallery part of Budapest, which gives place for exhibitions from different part of the world. It has a concert hall, with lot of concerts. Usually 5-10 theater group or dance group are working in the same period.
We give ateliers for artist- it is also free or almost free, as the studios for musicians. Artist create their own parts. We make workshops for artist, for children, for anyone who is interested in art. We support high level art, but that means for us that professionals and alternatives can be next to each other.
We support the artist with big media.