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Udruzenje IPAK - Mladost gradi buducnost

National Network: 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1. Inženjerijske brigade bb, VIII/1
75000 Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 35 299 027
+387 35 299 028
E-Mail (2): 
Mobile Phone: 
+387 61 737 283
Mobile Phone (other): 
+387 61 050 673
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

IPAK-Mladost gradi buducnost is a youth organisation with 10 years of experience in youth work, a dynamic team of young people and adults, who plan, initiate and realise projects for creating a better future for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s youth. We are an active member of the civil society in Bosnia Herzegovina. We successfully represent our interests on a local, regional and international level and in the European context.We work with young people with a multi-ethnic and multi-religious background. We organise informal education and apprentice programs, cultural events and spare-time activities, peace projects and volunteer ships, international youth seminars Fun and common experiences are equally important to us. Our projects are supported by the IPAK planning office in Tuzla. IPAK has 8 full-time employers and 17 part time workers. Also in IPAK basis we have 45 volunteers. We maintain two youth centres, one in Simin Han (Federation) and one in Krizevici (Republika Srpska) which are visited by marginalized youth at the age from 15-27 years. We offer various national and international activities: e.g. informal education, intercultural communication, ecological projects and cultural events. IPAK is implementing programs and projects in both Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entity (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina & Republika Srpska). In that sense, international volunteers will have opportunity to work in urban and rural parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the frame of the program YOUTH we sent a volunteer in 2004 to Germany. Our partner organization/ host organization was Friedenskreis Halle. We organized in March 2007 in the frame of the action 1 a multilateral youth exchange in Krizevici (RN 2006-3145). Youth groups out of Germany, Lithuania, Serbia and Bosnia participated.

Mission and Objectives: 

IPAK offers an opportunity for Bosnia-Herzegovina’s youth to shape their own personal development, a platform for social participation and a wide range of projects for creating a better future. Main objectives are: 1. Local integration of young refugees or displaced persons who return with their families to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2. Youth participation and empowerment 3. Personal development of young people by social and intercultural learning in inter-ethnic and inter-religious peer groups. IPAK organization works in the fields of: - Informal education - International youth exchanges - Vocational training.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Youth Programmes Youth Centre Simin Han The youth centre Simin Han offers leisure time activities and sports. There are various regular workshop that the young people may choose to attend: Foreign language (German and English) and information technology courses; music and dance workshops; handcraft workshops; journalists’ workshop; seminars with the following themes: civil society development & participation; non violent action; youth policy; ecology. Once a week a movie afternoon takes place. Youth Centre Križevići (Project “Youth builds a bright Future”) The youth centre Križevići offers social support and integration programmes to young returnees. In the integration programmes both etnic communities (Bosnian Muslems and Bosnian Serbs) are learning together how to live and work in a common community. The process is supported by a “Non violent action project”. Further on, international youth exchanges with German and Swiss partners widen the intercultural experience and reflexion. Youth Cooperative Križevići Next to the youth centre the youth cooperative Križevići is running. The cooperative offers vocational training courses in agriculture & product marketing; carpentry; and office communication with a stress on computer skills’ training. Local Projects Besides the regular activities and the already mentioned “Non violent action project” a long-term project is the establishment of a “Youth Net” in the surrounding rural communities, but also including the City of Zvornik. The “Youth Net” is intended to function as a youth council or youth parliament, later on. International Projects Besides the described youth exchanges IPAK takes part in the EU-Youth Programme as partner or applicant. There is a strong connection with the SALTO office in Slovenia. Further on, IPAK starts co-operating with the German-French Youth Cooperation. Co-operation Partner IPAK keeps close co-operation with various local and international partners, as well form NGO-sector, as well from public sector.