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UET Centre

National Network: 
Blv Gjergj FIshta
Nd 70, H 1,
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

UET Centre has 10 staff, Board of Directors, Executive Director, project managers, researchers, project assistant. 

It receives institutional funding from the European University of Tirana. It's budget for 2014 was 143.000 Euro

Sources of funding: European Commission;  Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Agency for the Support of Civil Society; ABC Foundation;


Mission and Objectives: 

UET Centre is a civil society organization established in 2009 as an initiative of a group of researchers and lecturers at the European University of Tirana (UET). UET Centre intends to contribute towards the progress and democratization of the Albanian society through policy-oriented research projects, capacity building and joint programmes in these main areas:
 Good Governance and EU Integration
 Economy and Sustainable Development
 Human Rights and Social Inclusion
 Information Technology, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Main Projects / Activities: 

 UET Centre’s programmatic strategy includes the following areas of activity:

  1. conducting scientific research within the framework of good governance and democracy that can be linked with policy development;
  2. providing consultations, papers, policy proposals, draft-law or other reforms and strategies to the government by conducting research and providing expertise;
  3. informing community groups as well as interested groups about policy debates and the policy making process through the provision of resources, information and analysis;
  4. publishing and dissemination of research findings in order to promote policy debate in the public sphere;
  5. strengthening local communities, young people and marginalized groups’ capacities for learning, accessing information and decision-making;
  6. organization of trainings, seminars, summer schools, studies and educational courses for young people in the disciplines of economics, politics, volunteering, law, education, communication and participation;
  7. award of fellowships, grants, donations to young scholars that conduct research in the above mentioned policy areas and facilitate the publication of policy-papers, scientific research, academic articles and books.
How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We can contribute with our experience in project development, human capital and network of partners. 

UET Centre has an extensive experience in project development, networking and stakeholders’ engagement. It has proven to be a committed a reliable partner in successful project management in various national and international programmes of research, capacity-building and development.

UET Centre has a pool of highly qualified researchers, scholars and project managers and it also collaborates with the European University of Tirana for expertise as well as with the local and regional CSOs and network of higher education institutions, businesses and other stakeholders.  It encourages a culture of knowledge-sharing, openness and horizontal linkages between HEIs, CSOs, research centres, governmental organizations and relevant stakeholders. As such UET Centre strongly supports researchers’ mobility in the region and EU and staff circulation in the quadruple Helix: government, research, business and civil society sector.

UET Centre maintains its commitment to impact the society at large in Albania. To do so, the centre pays particular importance to its strategic communication, visibility of actions, dissemination of information, knowledge-sharing and exchange of experiences and know-how. UET Centre uses mainstream and new media instruments to promote projects to the public at large through MAPO Media and UET Press.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

To extend our network of partners in the Euro Mediterranean. 

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