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UFA - Centra Fundation

National Network: 
ul. Nowilipki 20, Warsaw
0048 501 136 177
Organisation Type: 
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

UFA is:
a space open to different initiatives, group meetings, local actions and informal groups' work
a non-profit, open place of work, meetings, knowledge exchange and creation
a unique concept in nowadays Poland

Mission and Objectives: 

UFA is a women-queer social and cultural Centra [female form of “center”] based in Warsaw and carried by collective. It is by all means queer place as it floats undefined and keeps fluidly changing from gallery to meeting place to workshop to club to cinema to cafe to library...
Apart from integration of communities and individuals and creation of infrastructure and organizational background UFA carries on its own activities including: workshops, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, movie screenings, theatre performances, concerts, meetings and discussions, free of charge internet access, library with a reading room, printing workshop.
Activities of UFA are divided into three categories:
UFA's own activities
activities in co-operation of UFA and groups or people from outside
open space activities organized by groups or people from the outside.
This way we hope to combine the aim of being open and supportive to any freedom orientated initiative with promotion of high artistic and intellectual quality of these activities.
UFA abbreviation means Unidentified Flying Abject but also many other things... whatever you wish in fact.

Main Projects / Activities: 

1/ GENERATIONS IN ACTION 2009: a big project for women, with computer courses, English courses, Wendo trainigns, legal advice, psychological adivce, job advice.
2/ WE, THE WOMEN OF MURANÓW: a project where women aged 50+ meet to explore the history of our district, learn about its history, acquire new skills (eg photography) and create an amotional map of the district.
3/ ACTIVISATION: a project on cyber empowerment of women aged 50+
4/ EXPERIENCE TRANSFER - from Daughters to Mothers: computer classes for older women (supported by OSKa Foundation: the concept of individual work in pairs (young volunteer – older beneficiary) appears to be very efficient; this project can serve as an example of our approach: it enables the meeting and cooperation of young women, mostly queer and/or feminist or anarchist, with older women from different social groups).
5/ QUEERMASH I. Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer Empowerment Project (September – December 2008): supported by Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands and consisting of fundraising workshops, WenDo self-defense course, coming out, relationships, sexuality workshops, improvisation theatre, creative writing, photography, movie and visualisation workshops, discussion series, integration events such as poetic slams) = 300 hours in total.
6/ ZEBATKA - bike fixing workshops for girls and women