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UNESCO Initiatives Center (Centrum Inicjatyw UNESCO)

National Network: 
ul. Wiśniowa 33
53-137 Wroclaw
+48 71 716 48 40
+48 71 3645067
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The structure of the organization is composed of the general gathering of the members of administration.Administration is composed of 5 people:chairwoman,chairman,secretary and the member of administration.None of those people is employed as they work for the organization voluntary.At the moment we have 30 voluntary working members Their competences are defined in the status.Budgetary resources of the organization are at the moment:1569,77z?.Our source of founding comes from the members' collection money plus grant centers.Our organization works with the UNESCO Information Center,House Meeting Angelus Silesius,The Point and Edyta Stein Society.

Mission and Objectives: 

UNESCO Initiatives Centre is quite young non govermental youth organisation, dealing mainly with educational projects. Our main interest is connected with non formal education methods and with showing, teaching, letting young people experience all those key issues, key topics that are missing in traditional schools system. That is mainly: intercultural learning, education for sustainable development, human rights education, civic education and education for peace. Activities: - activities on the field of global, European, democratic, human rights and peace education. - spreading the ideas of protection of freedoms and human rights. - spreading the ideas of democratization and civil society - activities in the field of European integration

Main Projects / Activities: 

Our projects: “What Keeps Us Together, What Sets Us Apart” - journalism workshops * (September 2005) “Cultural Diversity in Society - overcoming conflicts and taking the chances” - training for youth workers on conflict management (November 2006) “Neighbours Meet Neighbours” - training for youth workers on project management for cross-border areas (February 2007) “EULE-Life and Development” * (February 2007) “Together for Coexistence” * (March 2007) “Shaping the Future of Europe” - contact-making seminar for Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries (May 2007) "Youth opens the space" - UNESCO Youth Forum - open space conference for youth trainers, youth leaders and youth workers from 33 countries (July 2007)