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Ungdoms och samhällsarbete, Mölndal Stad (Youth & community Work - Mölndal City)

National Network: 
Gamla torget 43
43134 Mölndal
0046704 67 78 14
Organisation Type: 
Local/Regional Authority
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The unit of Community work lies under the Culture and Leisure department. We are a unit consisting of 10 people with different specialities. 

We are nine people hired at the unit Community work; four working for community based developement, two working with public health, two with youth influence and one with international projects/Eurodesk. 

We cooperate in a lot of different issues and projects and we think that our common experiences and knowledge strenthens our unit. Adding to the team is our manager with former head executive experience of the regional "Rädda Barnen" (Save the Children) foundation.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our mission and objectives - Youth and community work unit - Culture and leisure department, City of Mölndal.

  • Increased security and well-being in Mölndal
  • Increase youth's overall experience of influence in the city

To reach these objectives we work with sustainability, co-creation, inclusion and democracy-issues in all our acitivities. At our six youth centers we daily work to strengthen the youth to be independent and active in the community, through group activities, workshops and discussions.

Except for working within our own department we want to further our cooperation and work together with other departments in the city as well as associations and the civil society. We want to develop the international perspective in the city and find collaborations community overrun. 


Main Projects / Activities: 

Our main projects and activities consists of: 

  • 4 coordinators that work with Community based development acording to the area with projects like: Residential cultivation, women's empowerment, integration, young people giving tech and phone support to elderly, safety tours
  • Development and establishment of youth council where we work with democracy issues and development of the youth policy in the city.
  • HBTQ group for youth that works with tolerans and inclusion
  • Public health issues concerning dug and alchol prevention, mental health issues, integration, unvoluntary solitude and exclusion, parents support and human rights.
  • Eurodesk / International work- We work with EVS because we can offer informal and non-formal learning opportunities for the volunteers, which often lead to new or better jobs, along with personal and social development. We also believe that hosting volunteers in our organisation is a great enrichment to our activities on many levels. When volunteers are hosted in the youth centers we see that the youngsters grow in an intercultural aspect in the interaction with the volunteers.