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Union des Ecrivains Algériennes (Union of Algerian Writers)

National Network: 
BP 78 Les Cerisiers
213-43 20 14 23
Telephone (other): 
213-40 909 909
213-43 20 14 23
Mobile Phone: 
213-71 38 30 65
Mobile Phone (other): 
213-61 225 000
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Union of Algerian Writers is a cultural organization. Its national board is composed of 37 members.
A cultural organization, the national council composes of thirty seven members, the budget adopts by the members on the complications, and the assistances of country.
Sources of Funding: it depends on the fees of membership, local community, civil society and governmental support.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission: take care of the writers business, distribute their literary work, organize cultural activities, partipicate in Arab and European forums.
Gathered the author and published their works and the cultural organization of the activates in the territory main road and the participation in the activities of the Arab countries and the countries European.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Participated in the Year 2007: Algeria, the Capital of Arab Cultures.
Work for the culture and to improve the capacity of the author is in the Arab countries or the countries European.