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Union of Municipalities of Iqleem el Tufah

National Network: 
Jbaa, Public arena (center of the union)
Jbaa 1620
Organisation Type: 
Local/Regional Authority
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

*Iqleem El Tufah Union of Municipalities is composed of 9 municipalities in 10 villages in south Lebanon (Jbaa-AinBosoir, Roumin, Houmin Tahta, Houmin Fawka, Kfarfila, Ain Kana, Sarba, Arbsalim, Jarjou). *The annually budget of the union is change from to to another because it is include the share of the Union from the Independent Municipal Fund and the variety expected proceeds which come from the contribution of municipalities and donations expected and received from different actors. *Our sources of funding are : Mainly from the Lebanese government (the Finance Ministry), and our projects are funding by the Lebanese government and from grants & donations. *Actions: 1- Development of our villages in all sectors(agriculture, educational, economic, commercial, services and tourism..). 2- Development of human resources (through seminars and workshops in various fields of knowledge). 3- Exchange experiences with other countries and different active actors.

Mission and Objectives: 

Because we are union of municipalities we have main mission which is the development of our villages that compose the union and also the human resources. our objectives are *encourage people to benefit from technology and openness to others ans share knowledge and experiences. in addition develop our region through rehabilitation, construction, training, saving the environment, saving the monuments, water and energy investment, youth development, education development...

Main Projects / Activities: 

*Union activities: *Building centers needed in the region (shelter for the elderly, civil defense center, administrative/health and education centers, building and equipped Playgrounds/Kids gardens/ public parks, forestation...) *paving roads and building a walls support to reduce collapses. *Rehabilitation of human resources ( educational courses on the use of technology and public laws,workshops on ways to reap and use the aromatic herbs...) *Projects for conservation and water investment. *construction and management of tourist centers. *Rehabilitation of the existing monuments in the region. *projects implemented in cooperation with EU: -Rehabilitation of two Old archaeological tourist places. -Construction of new union center. -Rehabilitation of 5 water sources. -Construction of a small touristic village in Arabsalim village. *projects implemented in cooperation with UNDP: -Making a very interesting touristic guide in two languages (Arabic and English)to define the tourists and visitors to our villages, people, nature and monuments -Securing equipment (mechanisms,...) -Organization of many seminars and workshops.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We care about youth, education, and fixing people in their land by creating favorable conditions and opportunities for this purpose, also we care about the culture, art and development.In addition, since the fields of our work are in common with the priority action fields in the ALF network and because our goals intersect significantly with the objectives of your institution therefor we consider ourselves a partner with your institution , even if we were not formal partners in it (certainly we hope to be a formal partners).

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

*for exchanges of experiences. *to benefit from the experiences of others. *Complementarity with partner organizations. *To obtain grants to fund development projects.